Marbles or Hearts? What would be your favorite sea glass find?

Red heart sea glass specimen found by Lynn Vigue of Connecticut
Red heart sea glass specimen found by Lynn Vigue of Connecticut

Every sea glass collector seeks their “Holy Grail” of sea glass.   For many it’s finding a multi-colored frosted marble, to others it’s finding a perfectly shaped heart, of any color, but to find a red shaped heart?  Amazing!

Lynn Vigue of Connecticut did just that!

We saw this photo of Lynn’s special red heart sea glass treasure and wanted to know more about her special find, and in her own words she answered some of our questions.

1.  When did you start collecting sea glass and where did you get the “bug”? 

I started collecting sea glass in autumn, 2008. I had retired in 2006, so it was the perfect time to discover sea glass!   The ironic thing is that, a year or so earlier, I had decided to visit a Maine island, and was told that Monhegan was the best, if you could only visit one.  There were two little girls selling sea glass on the island for 10 cents a shard that day, and I took a picture of them.  I looked at the glass and couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to buy it!  Anyway…  My mom (who lives in Maine) had a friend whose daughter was born the same day and year as I, and so the friend wanted me to meet her. We took a trip to the Maine coast, where the friend lived, and I discovered she was an avid sea glass collector.  She had several containers on display in her home, and they all looked so attractive!  She offered to take me to her beach, where I found about five small pieces.  I was hooked!   I live in Connecticut, so I decided to get to the CT coast as soon as I returned home.  I went to perhaps CT’s most popular beach, and I spent about three hours combing the beach there.  I found about three very rough pieces, but I wasn’t about to give up! I decided that the best place to find glass would probably be near large coastal cities, so that’s where I looked next.  It was a bonanza!  Lots of sea glass.   I have learned over the years NOT to pick up every piece that isn’t sharp.  I still find lots of glass on my favorite beaches, though it seems to have diminished in the five years I’ve been hunting it.

2.  Where did you find the red heart piece?   What do you think it was in it’s first life?

I found the red heart on a beach near Bridgeport, CT.    I have found four or five gems of different types on this beach (blue, emerald, and round red), and a friend found another when we were hunting together.  When I found the emerald, I wondered if it was real…but I was told by another collector that precious gems don’t frost like glass does, so I figure that all the little gems I’ve found there are glass rather than precious stones.  So, my guess is that this was a faux gem of some type.   I don’t know if it would have been used for jewelry or perhaps on a jeweled piece of clothing.  I keep thinking “sweater,” because I remember that jeweled sweaters were popular when I was young.   The pic actually shows what I believe is the backside…the side that would have been glued to the bezel. The other side is more faceted, like a gem.  It sits better this way for a photo, though!

3.  What did you do when you found it?

 I remember the day I found it…I was on my way to Maine to visit my mom, but low tide was early that day, so I went to the beach first (even though it was 30 miles in the OPPOSITE direction from Maine!).   I, of course, was delighted when I found the heart, and couldn’t believe my good fortune, as I had ALMOST quit a few minutes before.  But I decided to go a little further up the beach, in an area where I usually didn’t find much sea glass.   The first thing I did when I arrived in Maine was pull the little heart out to show my mom and her friend, who was visiting.   To be honest, they didn’t seem that impressed!  It is quite tiny, of course, and they probably didn’t appreciate what a truly rare find it was!

4.  What do you plan on doing with it?

I keep this little heart in a seashell on display with other tiny treasures.  I love beachcombing in any season…it never fails to lift my spirits!    A treasure hunt in a beautiful setting that is warmer in winter and cooler in summer than inland…what could be better?!  And, it’s an inexpensive way to decorate your home in a unique way!  I now have a room filled with my favorite sea glass finds, plus several suncatchers and other things I’ve made with my glass.

So, now we ask you, What has been your favorite sea glass find?

written by Kim Hannon, NASGA Board

5 thoughts on “Marbles or Hearts? What would be your favorite sea glass find?

  1. I know this post is from 2014- but I found it so interesting I found the EXACT same perfect red heart piece of beach glass in milwaukee. Do you have any idea what is from?

  2. I just found one JUST LIKE this while sitting on the beach in Marshfield, MA!! I am an avid sea glass hunter and was watching my cousins play and not quite up to hunting today. Then I just happened to look to my right and about 4 feet away from me was this AMAZING red heart! It is about an inch wide and is so beautiful. I took it as a sign and a gift from the universe 🙂 I just came on here to see if anyone else had found something similar and here I am.

  3. My husband found me a large red heart as well on our beach on Lake Huron, I think it must have been on a frame or a vase or something. It is 1.5″ x 2″ large. My second favorite piece my best friend found for me on Lake Michigan, a large piece of cobalt blue. Funny that they were both gifts to me.

  4. I am a newbie who just started collecting as I walked the wintery beach daily while waiting for my new job to start. Started out just trying to find a ‘treasure’ from my walk every day and once I started scanning the bazillions of rocks on our storm-ravaged beach – bonanza! (Banzai?) I have found seven (!) marbles so far and, as Ms. Vigue describes, today I tried once last spot and there was a big blue marble sitting there calling out my name…

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