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Kim Hannon is the owner of Ophiuroidea, “The O” and host of the Eastern Shore Sea Glass and Coastal Arts Festival, located in St. Michaels, Maryland. Kim lives with her husband and son near the Chester River in Grasonville, Maryland. Kim’s love of beachcombing started at an early age while living in Cape May, New Jersey as a child, but it wasn’t until many years later walking along the shorelines of the Chesapeake Bay that she got bit by the sea glass bug. Ophiuroidea opened in 2010 and started with one sea glass jewelry artisan. Each year they increased their sea glass artisans to feature in the shop, from jewelers to mosaic artists, all working with sea glass. The idea of showcasing the numerous sea glass artisans in a festival type setting came along in 2011, and the festival was born. Kim’s philosophy on collecting sea glass is based first on the thrill and solitude of the hunt, followed by learning the history and the sea glass journey of each piece found. While on the NASGA board, Kim will follow the mission of NASGA to help educate the public on the value of genuine sea glass and shoreline preservation, help to implement strategic marketing strategies to increase membership and communication to the sea glass community, and provide assistance in the organization of the NASGA sea glass festival. Kim believes having a diverse NASGA board and membership is essential in growing the NASGA community around the globe.  Email Kim



 My fascination with colored glass began as a child. As an adult I became an avid collector of sea glass. My interest motivated me to pursue jewelry design. I started to create unique pieces with my jewels from the sea, and started All About Sea Glass. Over time I expanded my inventory to include home décor including driftwood wreaths, center pieces, candles, picture frames and wine charms which have become a home town favorite. My Professional career has been in health care. I started as a medical assistant, I grew into and took business classes to work as a Practice Manager for Surgeon groups. I currently work as a Senior Coding (surgical) specialist at a Boston hospital and live on Cape Cod with Bill (my fiancé) and our loving golden retriever Sedona.  Email Paula



I love beautiful things.  I love to be surrounded by them and I love to make them.  My sea glass beginnings are innocent.  I had three Chesapeake Bay Retrievers to exercise at the beach, and a good Chessy is a tired Chessy.  I found my first piece of sea glass and was hooked for a lifetime.  Having a very stressful day job, I also found that all my thoughts completely went blank during my search.  Very therapeutic and I can breathe again, beach air is just the best.  Soon I had so much sea glass (I had fobbed off pounds upon my family) so I decided to get creative with it.  My company, 2nd Time Glass, was born and I joined NASGA as a commercial member to be involved with others with the same love for authentic sea glass.   I am excited when I can educate someone about genuine sea glass and I love every story other searchers have to offer me.  I currently am a paralegal for an attorney and live in the heart of the woods in New Jersey.   Email Wendy



I grew up a few blocks from the shores of Lake Erie and enjoyed picking up the pretty gems and putting them in a jar. I never thought, that later in life, I would be using those gems to make jewelry. I started making simple jewelry with the beach glass, doing home parties and selling to friends and family. Then I took silversmithing classes and became skilled at making bezeled rings and necklaces. When I discovered Precious Metal Clay, I took a class and loved how much fun it was to work with and how creative you can be. I incorporate the beach and sea glass from all over the world with the PMC to make beautiful silver jewelry. I’m retired now, became my own boss of DMG Creations and I’m having fun making jewelry. With the help of my husband, I participate in 12 to 15 art and craft shows a year. I also sell my jewelry in several local shops. I am a commercial member of the NASGA and currently on the board serving as the recording secretary. I also enjoy educating people about authentic beach and sea glass in my travels.  Email Dottie




Holly L’Hommedieu is the artist/owner of HL Sea & Beach Glass Jewelry since 2003. She learned all of her jewelry techniques by reading, videos and though years of practice. Holly works with a variety of medias, local sea glass and sea glass from all over the world. She enjoys most of all working with a customers personal shard of sea glass, creating a wearable work of art that has a story behind it. Holly has been a life long sea glass collector taking advantage of living on the East End of Long Island, NY and is blessed to live a short distance from Peconic Bay, L.I. Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. She is now selling her creations on her website: HL Sea Beach & Glass Jewelry, consignment shops and art/ craft shows. Holly also works as a Registered Nurse in a local Hospital not far from her home and has used sea glass collecting and jewelry making a therapeutic outlet from her nursing profession. She also finds inspiration making Cancer Awareness Jewelry for cancer survivors and their families to give them a sense of comfort during their most difficult time in life. Holly has been a NASGA Commercial Member since 2006 and proud to be a NASGA board member.



Mary McCarthy is a bestselling author, Reiki Master and the founder and SeaEO of SeaCrate beach and ocean subscription box company. She has written and edited for many publications and appeared on national television during her 25-year career as a journalist, and speaks at educational institutions and conferences around the country.  She is a mother of four on Maryland’s Eastern Shore where she is currently working on a book and enjoys kayaking and beachcombing on the Chesapeake Bay.


 A multidimensional life long artist, Dianne McLaughlin has done everything from handmade baskets, feather trees and fish decoys to oil painting, watercolors and primitive spinning and rug hooking. She spent 16 years as owner/operator of a chain of antique and gift stores where she honed her business acumen. Dianne resides with her husband Frank in Pennsylvania. They have 2 lovely daughters and 3 wonderful grandchildren. They have a summer home on Chincoteague Bay on Maryland’s Eastern shore. Dianne spent many hours there walking the remote beaches looking for arrowheads. Along the way, she found the sparkling bits of frosted, old, broken glass and picked them up too. Over the years her collection of sea glass grew to over 40,000 pieces. It eventually spawned the online business Spirit of the Sea Glass Jewelry. These days, Dianne and Frank spend part of each year taking cruises to find sea glass on exotic beaches in the Caribbean. Some of their best times are spent searching for special pieces and sharing their finds with other collectors and artisans at shows and festivals.

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ellie board photoEllie has been a member of NASGA for almost a decade. In addition to serving two prior terms on the board, Ellie has lectured at several sea glass events and is especially passionate about her contributions to NASGA’s Shorelines Newsletter, which has allowed her to combine her pastimes of writing and sea glass collecting. Ellie has a B.A. degree in Geography and Journalism (G.W.U) and a M.A.T (1996 Johns Hopkins U). She is the author of The Sea Glass Companion, a comprehensive hobby guide, and divides her time between teaching college writing courses and working in her home studio (Annapolis Sea Glass). She resides with her husband in Maryland and is the proud mother of two twenty-something children, Ben and Hannah Ruth.



Essentially, sea glass is the conclusion of the remarkable story of a grain of sand’s wondrous journey. The beginning of the story starts when one grain of sand is combined with millions of other grains (plus soda and lime in a man-made process that dates back thousands of years) and glass is born. Eventually, some of that glass finds its way to the ocean in the forms of bottles, window panes, marbles or many other various glass products when they are carelessly discarded by man. Nature has a brilliant recycling plan for that article of glass. With all its power and majesty, the ocean tumbles these now broken and jagged shards into magnificent sea glass gems. Then, in due time, the ocean lovingly presents its treasures back to the sand from which it was created years before. That original grain of sand has come full-circle.  Like that grain of sand, each piece of sea glass has its own history. With some knowledge and detective work, all sea glass can be traced back to specific time periods and original forms.  I love the mission of NASGA because it seeks to preserve the integrity of genuine sea glass in my work and business Surfside Sea Glass. It is the exact reason why I was drawn to it and make it my own mission to educate others about it.NASGA bottle logo