2014 NASGA Sea Glass Festival follow-up

To the Patrons of the 2014 Sea Glass Festival in Cape May, New Jersey

We appreciate your commitment and enthusiasm to visit the Sea Glass Festival this past weekend and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced gaining entry into the facility. Beachcombers enjoy being the first on the beach and attendance during the first two hours of the event was more than double what anyone expected.  The Cape May Convention Hall was simply unprepared to handle the unprecedented morning surge.  We are grateful for the patience of all attendees as Mayor Ed Mahaney worked directly with law enforcement to create a safer environment.

The attendance for the weekend was an overwhelming 5,000 as compared to 2,500 last year. The North American Sea Glass Association has learned from this experience and will review options for a larger venue in 2015, only returning to Cape May if significant changes can be made to accommodate such a large following.


The NASGA Board of Directors and Festival Committee

2014 Festival Schedule Announced

The NASGA website has been updated to include the schedule for the 2014 Sea Glass Festival.  https://seaglassassociation.org/FestivalSchedule2014.html

On Saturday, the schedule includes two not-to-be-missed presentations as well as a chance to ask sea glass experts the things you’ve always wanted to know about sea glass:

  • Presentation:  Shipwrecks of New Jersey by Margaret Buchholz, noted author and expert on Atlantic coastal history, takes us on a gripping 350-year voyage through the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” — a name bestowed upon the state’s treacherous shoals and inlets.
  • Open Forum:  The Mystery and History of Genuine Sea Glass  Panel discussion with sea glass experts and serious collectors Mary Beth Beuke, Jeanie Hood, Jenna Perfetti, Maryann Wadiak, and moderated by Cape May’s own Darlene Eldridge.  Bring all of your sea glass questions for the panel.
  • Presentation: The Sea Glass Center and Traveling Sea Glass Museum  by Danielle PerraultJoin Danielle Perreault, Executive Director of The Sea Glass Center Kennebunkport, Maine as she reveals images of natural and man-made sea glass taken from a scanning electron microscope at The University of Southern Maine.

On Sunday, the Festival’s premiere event, the Shard of the Year Contest, awards up to $2,000 in cash prizes for the most pristine and unusual shards of genuine sea glass and other found objects.

See the web site page for details on how to enter the contest and your chance to win the top prize of $1,000.  https://seaglassassociation.org/Festival_SOTY.html

As well, NASGA has made arrangements for free remote parking and a free short trolley ride to shuttle you back and forth to the Cape May Convention Hall.  Details and a map are now on the Cape May Information page:  https://seaglassassociation.org/CapeMayInfo2014.html

The festival is six short weeks away – see you then!2014ColorAd1


Details Announced for the 2014 North American Sea Glass Festival in Cape May, New Jersey

Sea glass collectors and aficionados from throughout North America will gather in Cape May, New Jersey this fall to share their treasures from the sea and learn more about this increasingly popular pastime. The 9th annual North American Sea Glass Festival will be held September 27-28 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Cape May Convention Hall, 714 Beach Avenue in beautiful Cape May. Admission is $5 daily at the door, and the public is invited.

2014 North American Sea Glass Festival
NASGA President, Richard LaMotte showing a young sea glass enthusiast how to distinguish real sea glass from fake tumbled glass.

New to this year’s festival will be the Open Sea Glass Forum, an interactive general question and answer discussion moderated by members of the North American Sea Glass Association. In addition, festival attendees will enjoy presentations from sea glass experts regarding the history and origins of sea glass as well as stunning displays of rare and collectible sea glass.

2014 North American Sea Glass Festival
Beautiful sea glass jewelry, art and home decor can be found at the North American Sea Glass Festival with artisans from all over the United States in attendance at the Cape May festival this year. Festival photo credits: Gary du Blois

Over fifty exhibits by sea glass collectors, artisans, and authors will feature only genuine sea glass combed from beaches around the world.  Please see the Participating Exhibitors tab for a complete list.

2014 North American Sea Glass Festival
the highly anticipated Shard of the Year contest brings a lot of Ooohs and Ahhhs… and a chance to win $1,000.00 – Festival photo credits: Gary du Blois

The annual “Shard of the Year”contest awards $1,000 to the grand prize winner as well as additional cash prizes in numerous categories. Please see details at the SOTY Contest tab on the left.

The North American Sea Glass Association is proud to announce that a portion of the festival proceeds will benefit two New Jersey non-profit entities: Clean Ocean Action and the Wetlands Institute. You can read more about these groups on the NASGA Blog

Cape May Conventional HallThe beautiful new Cape May Conventional Hall is located directly on the beach facing the Atlantic Ocean. The historic City of Cape May, New Jersey, is rolling out the red carpet for the Sea Glass Festival and is a fantastic seaside community to bring the entire family.

CapeMay-LewesFerryThe Cape May-Lewes Ferry is offering a 30% off discount to festival goers. Please click  here for information on the ferry discount,  be sure to book your reservations early!  You’ll also find directions to the Convention Hall and the festival, a partial hotel listing for properties close to the Convention Hall, and much more local information.

2014 North American Sea Glass Festival poster

2014 Festival Poster

This year’s beautiful poster photography using the Cape May lighthouse as a backdrop is by Anita Roth, Anita Roth Photography. The graphic artist was Francine Mueller, Sea Goddess Treasures. Both are commercial members of NASGA.  The poster can be purchased for $10 plus $6 postage by clicking this link: 2014 Poster

All of this information and more can be found on the North American Sea Glass Festival website. Be sure to share this important information with your fellow sea glass enthusiasts.  See you in September!