List of 2016 NASGA Sea Glass Festival Participating Exhibitors:

2nd Time Glass  – 130-131
Wendy Craig— New Jersey
From the surf to your jewelry box, genuine sea glass jewelry and other unique items. Specializing in colorful and interesting heirlooms.
A Day At The Beach Fine Sea Glass Jewelry – 149
Jane Claire McHenry— Florida
Fine sea glass jewelry crafted by hand in the USA using genuine sea glass and sterling silver. Earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets, including our popular silk wrap. Specializing in rare sea glass colors.
All About Sea Glass  – 119
Paula Fedele— Massachusetts
Unique colorful sea glass earrings, bracelets and pendant necklaces coupled with all sterling and Thai silver findings. Sea glass picture frames and note cards.
Amyables -115
Amy Kostecki— Massachusetts
Massachusetts North Shore and the California sea glass jewelry is made with sterling silver. Some designs also have pearls and Swarovski crystals.
Annapolis Sea Glass Studio – 162            Ellie Mercier— Maryland Author of The Sea Glass Companion, a comprehensive overview of the pastime for experienced and novice collectors alike. Also, authentic sea glass jewelry KITS, mosaics, and sea glass and copper wind chimes.
Beach Baubles – 145
Marianna Bellantoni— NY
Tidal treasures, accessories, jewelry, wind chimes, mobiles, suncatchers and ornaments.
Beach Bum Jewels – 120
Linda Mickevicius—Indiana
Authentic beach glass jewelry, tumbled by Mother Nature and hand-fabricated by three generations of “beach bums” in the Beach Bum Jewels Studio near the shores of Lake Michigan.
Beach Glass Bingo – 126
Rex Nockengust & Gene Allen— California
Sea glass jewelry incorporating riveted, forged and twisted metals to create one-of-a-kind pieces.
Bead Boutique – 160
Tricia Hall— Maryland
Unique handcrafted jewelry created with fine silver metal capturing Chesapeake Bay sea glass and found beach treasures.
Black Dog Design – 140
Cindy Mullen— Michigan
Having lived in the Caribbean aboard her sailboat Cindy has always loved what the Ocean is about, all natural things. She uses only natural formed sea glass to make very unique pieces of jewelry in sterling silver which is hand formed and one-of-a-kind.
Cape Cod Gypsea – 141
Kaya-Alexandria Worthington— Massachusetts
All genuine sea glass jewelry hand-forged by Kaya, sometimes incorporating local beach stones. Her love of the Ocean and its treasures began with her seafaring relatives, generations before.
Cinderella by the Sea – 137 Susan Spicer-McGarry Skilled in bronze sculpture & dedicated to old world artisanship, Susan Spicer-McGarry artist & owner of Cinderella by the Sea utilizes ancient techniques in the creation of her natural sea glass & precious metal jewelry.
Coastal Creations Seaglass  110-111
Heidi Blake— Massachusetts
Heidi has collected sea glass for 47 years and lived in several countries and on the coast her entire life.  Her art is one of a kind, as you will find it on the beach.  Her windows have 3,000 pieces or more.  Plus jewelry, clocks, lamps, mailboxes and more.
Coqui Corner Jewels – 164
Mary Pearson— New Jersey

Coqui Corner’s jewelry gallery consists of earrings,
anklets, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. Strung and knotted rosary, on natural hemp, and finished with an olive wood cross.

Cottage Industry – 136          Sarah Clements – Maryland Hammered sterling silver line with beautiful natural beach glass. Includes pendants, necklaces, and earrings.
Davenport Sea Glass/ ChesSeaGlass-  101        Mary McCarthy – Maryland Mary McCarthy is a bestselling author and sea glass kayaker who specializes in sea glass articles and photography, mosaics, and sea glass and succulent terrariums.
DMG Creations  – 108
Dottie Gilbo— Pennsylvania
Handmade silver PMC (Precious Metal Clay) necklaces, earrings, and sterling silver rings and bracelets with English sea glass multicolored sea glass.
Frannie Phillips Authentic Maryland Sea Glass               – 156-157                    Frannie Phillips- Maryland My family and I pick up sea glass on the Chesapeake Bay. We make jewelry, driftwood pictures, shadowbox pictures, driftwood santas and swans and much more.
Frosted Trash – 129
Julie O’Brien— Maryland
Using Maryland beach finds and incorporating sterling silver or 14K gold filled metals, semi-precious beads, Swarovski crystals, and cultured pearls.
Groovy Beach House –  114 Guy Fleming- New Jersey For the Love of Sea Glass, a memoir of self-discovery, is an adult storybook with color photographs told by Guy Fleming, who also makes sterling silver jewelry using the finest, most precious pieces of sea glass found all over the New Jersey coast.
Gull Cottage Crafts – 103
Merrideth Lassotovitch— Massachusetts
Stained glass panels combining sea glass and pottery shards from S.E. Massachusetts with the color and beauty of traditional stained glass. Sea glass angels, ornaments, and sailboats are also offered.
Julie Anderson Design – 125
Julie Anderson -Kentucky
Genuine, rare and gorgeous color sea glass jewelry set in sterling silver and argentium silver.  Each piece is unique, handcrafted and made especially for ocean loving mermaids.
Kiya Marie Designs – 143
Brittany Russo- Massachusetts
Sea glass and other “found” objects from the sea are used to create objects to enhance home and surroundings, and wearable art featuring sea glass embellishments. Sea glass and freshwater pearl jewelry.
Lisa Christine Jewelry – 153 Lisa Miller – Maryland Handcrafted jewelry, inspired by the sea. Completely handmade using top quality and ethically sourced materials.
Lita Sea Glass Jewelry – 146-147
Carla Garro— Massachusetts
Our jewelry is infused with the serenity of the ocean and
accented by semi-precious stones and fresh water pearls. Our distinct, timeless and creative designs have been featured in various outlets from the Golden Globes Awards to Coastal Living Magazine.
Made by Meg – 104-105
Meg Carter- South Carolina
Made By Meg specializes in custom jewelry for the beach
loving bride. NEW this year Made By Meg is featuring the Carter Sea Glass Color and Rarity Chart poster showcasing over 70 sea glass colors.
Mainely Sea Glass – 100
Beth Frechette— Maine
Beth creates unique sea glass jewelry, using genuine sea
glass from around the world. All rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets are carefully handcrafted using fine and sterling silver.
Maraonda– 118
Susanna Hinnawi — Italy
Maraonda invents decorations made from pieces of glass and ceramic transformed by the sea, selected according to form and color. It searches for everyday objects to transform them into the intriguing nature of mosaics.
Marooned Crab Creations   – 159                              Bonnie Gordon – Arizona Marooned Crab Creations specializes in small-scale jewelry made with sea glass, shells, and pearls. My inspiration comes form the shapes, colors and textures found in nature, by using a variety of jewelry-making techniques to combine natural objects with gemstones and precious metals.
Poseys By the Sea– 154-155
Sue Posey— Maryland
We use sea glass from the Eastern Shore of MD and VA to
create jewelry and home decor.
Rainbow by the Sea Glass Designs – 151             Gabriela Homorozan – Maryland Using genuine sea glass, Swarovski crystals and semiprecious gemstones to create elegant jewelry for women.
Sea Found Studio – 123
Luke Hartmann— Maine
Sea Found Studio is located on the coast of Down East Maine. Specializing in authentic sea glass jewelry, each piece of jewelry is individually designed with Fine Silver, 18K Gold and Genuine found Sea glass collected by Luke himself. All jewelry is one of a kind, and meticulously handcrafted in his home studio.
Sea Ginny’s Beach Jewelry – 121
Ginny & Bill Pointon –   New Jersey
Pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces with PMC
(Precious Metal Clay) accents, and Christmas tree pins. Ginny also offers copper cuff bracelets, leather wrap bracelets and handmade pottery beads with sea glass.
Sea Glass Compositions      – 138                                   Virginia “Ginny” Warner – North Carolina Sea Glass Compositions, incorporating the most prized pieces of sea glass, including the “Pirate Collection”, which incorporates black glass that Ginny Warner finds in Abaco, Bahamas, a harmony is found between the Sea Glass and the bead work.
Sea Glass Designs – 133
Bruce & Gail Barton— Connecticut
All jewelry is handcrafted using authentic sea glass, sterling silver, and including rare sea glass from the Northern Bahamas. They specialize in custom orders and wedding jewelry.
Sea Glass Heart Art                – 106-107
Stephanie Swain— Ohio
Stephanie is the creator of sea glass mosaics, whimsical
cards, pictures and ornaments – each made with unaltered natural sea glass. Each mosaic, card, picture and ornament is a one-of-a-kind creation, just as each piece of sea glass is one-of-a-kind.
Sea Glass Jewels and Company – 134-135
Christeena Hockin-Minopetros— Florida
A small personalized company with oceans of sea glass,
specializing in genuine sea glass jewelry and gifts.
Sea Glass Journal /
Just Beachy Keen
 – 124
Gary De Blois—                 Rhode Island
The well-known website on sea glass collecting will have a display with shipwreck bottles rare sea glass oddities, jewelry, T-shirts (The Sea Glass Stoop!) and more.
Sea Glass Publishing/Chesapeake Sea Glass Jewelry                    112-113
Richard & Nancy LaMotte— Maryland/Delaware
Meet author Richard LaMotte, who will be on hand to
autograph his award winning books, Pure Sea Glass and his new title, The Lure of Sea Glass. Pure Sea Glass stationery products including calendars, sea glass identification card decks, journals, note cards.
Sea Glass Searcher’s Club   – 144
Cindy Bilbao— Pennsylvania
Sea Glass Searcher’s Club- home of the exclusive TIDE WASHED, sea glass Tee-shirts! Each is one-of-a-kind. We also offer sea glass oriented items that are hand-made and very unique, such as wooden signs, sea glass photography.
Sea Glass Treasures – 116
Anne Marie Johnson— Wisconsin
Sea glass pendants, dangle and post earrings, rings and
bracelets. Sterling silver and gold filled, whimsical and seed bead necklaces. Simplicity and elegance in design.
Sea Goddess Treasures -163
Francine Mueller— Maryland
Fran is skilled at creating color combinations and incorporating Shiva shells. Her signature pieces are wire crochet necklaces. Her husband Peter creates Steampunk pieces utilizing watch parts. Also offered are bookmarks,
napkin holders, and wine stoppers, rings.
Sea Shimmer –  128   Sandra Cira – Massachusetts All designs are created using .925 sterling silver and authentic sea glass.  Much of the glass used can be dated back to the mid/late 1800’s and early 1900’s.
SeaGals Gallery of Delaware – 150
Sue Lemmons & Cheryl Eashum— Delaware
Adorable sea glass angels and fun sea glass & shell necklaces for kids, Conch & Shell art items. As sisters, we cultivated our
life-long love of our Delaware beaches and natural items, creating unique jewelry and handmade items.
Shoreline Designs – 132
Michele Shore- New Jersey
Designer Michele Shore creatively combines authentic
surf-tumbled sea glass in exciting colors to make stylish, sophisticated designs, set in sterling silver.
Souris by the Sea Glass -117
Anita St. Denis— Canada
Sea glass from Prince Edward Island, Canada.  Come visit my booth and see beautiful bulk sea glass, earrings, angels, charms and other sea glass jewelry.
Spirit of the Sea – 127
Dianne & Frank McLaughlin— Pennsylvania
Award-winning wire wrapped and woven sea glass jewelry, loose sea glass, drill bits for glass, jewelry tutorials, and more.
STBeachFinds – 158
Steve Gladhill & Tammy Thatcher— Maryland
We started walking our local beach as a way to relax and
found ourselves picking up sea glass. We both have always had an artistic flare and we had collected so much that it was time to see where our creativity could lead.
Still Water Deep – 142
Victoria Baker-                 North Carolina
In 2009, I discovered sea glass. It was an instant, magical
attraction. I enjoy making one of a kind necklaces and love to see them evolve once started.
Suncoast Sea Glass Jewelry – 109                               Valerie Weston – Florida


Designer and metalsmith Valerie Weston takes sea glass in a new and beautiful direction with her jewelry designs featuring pure silver textures, freshwater pearls and genuine sea glass from around the world.
Surfside Sea Glass – 122
Denise Troy—New Jersey
Genuine sea glass necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.  We create unique, eco-friendly sea glass jewelry from genuine sea glass collected from around the world and are known for high-quality, whimsy and commitment to the integrity of ocean-tumbled sea glass.
Treasures in Nature – 139 Jeanne Kollecker – Ohio Lake Erie beach glass jewelry set in sterling silver. Specializing in lake Erie beach glass marbles, set in sterling silver and open on both sides to show the beauty.
Uniquely Sea Glass – 148
Liane MacDonald— Virginia
We create earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants,  and have a beautiful wedding line.
Vacation Creations –  152 Suzanne McKeon (Hunter) New Jersey Suzanne’s creations are made with fine or sterling silver, and are designed to spark a memory, maybe of a favorite beach vacation, or a special moment.
Virgin Sea Glass – 161
Mary Louise  “Wiesy” Lauffer—Delaware
Each piece of sea glass collected by myself and husband in
the VI, used in casual beach wear jewelry as well as with sterling silver, also with collaged boxes, driftwood, mobiles. We also offer historic glass and bottles from the 1800’s.
Yank and Limey Sea Glass  – 102
Ashley McHale—Virginia
We specialize in chic stylish jewelry using the rare colors
that are bright and vibrant and exclusive to England.