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2nd Time Glass by Wendy Craig

2ND TIME SEA GLASSWendy Craig blames her sea glass hunting addiction (not curable, by the way) on her two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers who swim in the ocean all year round. Her 2nd Time Glass Sea Glass Jewelry Designs are classic, simple but elegant, and are suitable for blue jeans or a night at the opera. Wendy maintains an eBay store and an Etsy store online and is most known as the lady who can make your special order just the way you pictured it and at an affordable price. She is proud to be a member of the North American Sea Glass Association helping to preserve the integrity of genuine sea glass for future family heirlooms. Wendy lives in the heart of the woods near Hackettstown, NJ.



A Day at the Beach, Fine Sea Glass Jewelry & Accessories

A Day at the BeachA DAY AT THE BEACH Fine Sea Glass Jewelry is crafted with authentic sea glass naturally conditioned by the sea after years of tumbling in waves, rock and sand. Our gems of the sea make stunning jewelry certain to be cherished by anyone who dreams of the simple relaxation of a day at the beach. Our jewelry is handmade with only the highest quality materials and each piece is individually designed. We collect our own sea glass and also purchase from professional collectors. We are located in Rhode Island and the Florida Keys and are proud members of NASGA.



All About Sea Glass

ALL ABOUT SEA GLASSI’m Paula Fedele. My story starts with an early love of colorful glass. My parents were antique dealers in Buffalo, NY and my grandmother had a summer cottage on Lake Erie; the combined scenarios laid the foundation for the future of I transitioned from creating beaded jewelry into sea glass jewelry in 2007 when an aunt gave me her collection gathered from her earlier years on Cape Cod. I travel and collect most of my sea glass from the Caribbean, California and New England. I couple my designs with sterling silver wire and findings to showcase the beauty of the glass. Jewelry design is a big part of what I do with my “Jewels from the Sea;” but I also create sea glass frames and note cards.



Amyables Sea Glass Jewelry

Amyables150I have been collecting sea glass since I was a little girl and making jewelry since 2006. Most of my sea glass is found along the Massachusetts North Shore. What I cannot find I purchase from reputable collectors. The only alteration made to the glass is when I drill a hole through it. Each piece of jewelry is made with sterling silver wire and findings. Some designs also have pearls and Swarovski crystals. Amyables Sea Glass Jewelry is designed and made by Amy Kostecki.



Annapolis Sea Glass Studio | The Sea Glass Companion

ANNAPOLIS SEA GLASS STUDIOEllie Mercier, of Annapolis Sea Glass Studio and The Sea Glass Companion has always felt “at home by the sea,” studied oceanography at George Washington University before earning her Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University. Mercier began photographing, writing articles about, and designing art, from sea glass, after her Father Klaus, relocated to a house on the Chesapeake Bay. Participating in juried art shows, and acquiring accounts with maritime museum and ocean resort shops inspired Ellie to open Annapolis Sea Glass Studio in 2006. The Studio’s signature sea glass bracelets, driftwood mirrors, and beach glass speckled hair combs delight even the most selective of retail and wholesale buyers alike.



Beach Baubles

BEACH BAUBLESHello, and welcome to Beach Baubles™! I’m always busy in my beach bungalow home studio, creating tidal treasures for beach lovers to enjoy! These treasures are made from genuine sea glass, also known as beach glass or Mermaid’s Tears, seashells, sea pottery/china shards, and beach stones. Among the products I create are: accessories such as key-chains, and hairpins; jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets and anklets; home decor items such as ceiling fan/light pulls, wine glass charms, sun-catchers, wind chimes, and ornaments.



Beach Bum Jewels, Authentic Beach Glass Jewelry

BEACH BUM JEWELSBeach Bum Jewels features a diverse line of authentic, handcrafted beach glass jewelry. An avid boater and beach-comber, Linda Mickevicius, along with her husband Ben and their two yorkies, Livvy & Abby, spend many hours along the magnificent shores of Lake Michigan collecting beautiful beach glass gems to be used in her jewelry. In addition to the online business and custom designs, Linda’s jewelry can be found in select Harbor Country galleries and boutiques.



Beach Glass Bingo

BEACH GLASS BINGOBeach Glass Bingo was established in 2000 by Gene Allen and Rex Nockengust. Actors and singers most of their lives, they have always been avid collectors of beach glass. It was while the two were living in Hawaii that they mastered the technique for drilling glass and began making jewelry out of these “gems.” with their move to San Diego, what began as a hobby has turned into a full-time occupation for both Gene and Rex.



Black Dog Design by Cindy Mullen

BLACK DOG DESIGNSBlack Dog Design was inspired from my black Standard Poodle. We would walk the beaches along Lake Huron, while I collected sea glass. My love of the oceans, came from living on a 39ft. sailboat for 12 years in the Bahamas and the Caribbean. So my new adventure started in 2009 designing unique sea glass jewelry. Every piece is designed by myself, using only unaltered sea glass, except to drill holes. I set the pieces in a bezel setting of sterling silver or wrap in Argentium sterling silver. Enjoy what Mother Nature gave back to us in these sea glass gems.



By The Sea Jewelry, Distinctive Sea Glass Jewelry for Beach Lovers

BY THE SEA JEWELRYOwned and maintained by one of the founders of NASGA, Linda Jereb is a passionate advocate for genuine, natural beach sea glass. By The Sea Jewelry specializes in rare natural sea glass from around the world in a variety of settings ranging from simple wire set to bezel settings in fine silver. By The Sea is the oldest internet site for sea glass jewelry and has provided sea glass information to the public for over 18 years.



By The Bay Sea Glass 


Most of Nancy’s sea glass is collected while boating to remote parts of the Chesapeake Bay on her boat “Sea Glass”.  Her favorite places are beaches on the eastern shore  where she must kayak to find the rare vintage sea glass.  She has been collecting sea glass for 15 years and creating her art and jewelry designs for 7 years.  Her love of pure sea glass, boating, and nature is reflected in her Sea Glass Art and Jewelry.





Chesseaglass logo

ChesSeaGlass is named for Chessie, the mythical sea monster of the Chesapeake Bay, and a favorite
piece of sea glass (1927 Fenton Diamond Optic Dolphin Fan Vase handle in rose transparent pink) found by Mary’s daughter Faith in the bay. Mary McCarthy is a bestselling author and sea glass kayaker who specializes in sea glass articles and photography, mosaics, and sea glass and succulent terrariums.




Cinderella by the Sea

Cinderella by the Sea LOGO

Skilled in bronze sculpture & dedicated to old world artisanship, Susan Spicer-McGarry artist & owner of Cinderella by the Sea utilizes ancient techniques in the creation of her natural sea glass & precious metal jewelry.  Her design interests are diverse, reflecting the natural elements of a life-lived at the water’s edge, and her in-depth knowledge of ancient & antique jewelry.  Her muse-inspired jewelry fuses ancient aesthetics with simplistic elements resulting in organically elegant, wearable works of art in gold & silver.  Susan is a commercial member of NASGA.



Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry

CoastalCharmsThe creation of Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry was inspired by some of my favorite things… the salty sea breeze, the feeling of warm sand between my toes, and the delightful discovery of sea glass nestled in the sand. I love to design beautiful sea glass jewelry, knowing that nature had a helping hand. Deborah Foley is a member of NASGA.



Coastal Creations by Heidi & Ted Blake

COASTAL CREATIONSWe have collected Sea Glass for over 40 years while living in several countries and on both the east and west coast of the United States. Our art is one of a kind, with the glass used as its found. Our windows have more then 1500 pieces on average. Additionally we created jewelry, clocks, lamps shadowboxes and much more. You may reach us by phone at 757-696-0340 or email:






Kathe Wittig recently retired from a local university and has launched a new career on Cre8tdwseaglass (Created with Sea glass).  She has collected sea glass for over 25 years and created jewelry with ocean-tumbled gems for 16 years. Kathe’s work includes drilling, wire wrapping and crocheting sea glass with beads for necklaces and bracelets. She recently learned to use an acetylene torch to create silver bezels for sea glass.  Her work may be purchased from her website and at shows throughout Virginia.




DMG Creations, Precious Metal Clay Beach & Sea Glass Jewelry

DMG CREATIONSDottie Gilbo grew up a few blocks from the shores of Lake Erie and loved picking up the pretty gems from the beach, never thinking that one day they would become beautiful pieces of jewelry from those gems. After taking silversmithing classes to make beveled rings and necklaces, she then discovered Precious Metal Clay, took classes and loved how much fun PMC is to work with and how creative you can be. She now incorporates English sea glass with the PMC to make beautiful silver jewelry. I’m proud to be a member of NASGA.



From The Sea Jewelry

FROM THE SEASharing the beauty of the ocean with my friends is my favorite pastime. I started making sea glass jewelry three years ago and have recently decided to make my creations available to others. Sea glass is truly one of nature’s vanishing treasures. Due to recycling and the increased use of plastics is becoming rare. For my jewelry I use only genuine, unaltered sea glass that I have personally collected from the shores of the U.S and the sands of the Caribbean. Please visit


Frosted Trash, Natural Beach Glass Jewelry

FROSTED TRASHFrosted Trash: Jewelry, wreaths and accessories made by Julie O’Brien use locally found objects (unaltered) from the shores of the Potomac River in Southern Maryland. Each pottery shard, rusty painted metal fragment, shell, beach glass, or smooth beach rock is re-purposed into luxury wearable art. Julie creates each piece with an artist eye – enhancing the original inspiration piece. Materials used to create these unique pieces include sterling silver or 14K gold filled metals, semi-precious beads, Swarovski crystals, and cultured pearls.  Julie’s spectacular beach glass wreaths and shell wreaths are a truly unique creation that has attracted attention from buyers and gallery’s throughout the region. A large wreath can have 250-350 pieces of glass. Julie’s all white wreaths with shells, beach glass and starfish are a favorite wedding gift.

Glass Beach Jewelry, Hand Crafted by Captain Cass

GLASS BEACH JEWELRY Capt. J.H. (Cass) Forrington spent 27 years at sea, visiting over 50 countries on every coast of every continent except Antarctica. He has visited the Amazon Indians, has sailed up the Congo River and has been 600 miles from the North Pole. He now spends his retirement combing the magnificent “Glass Beaches” of Fort Bragg, California, the highest concentration of sea glass in the world, for rare and precious sea gems from which to craft his jewelry and create displays for his Sea Glass Museum.



Groovy Beach House

For the Love of Sea Glass, a memoir of self-discovery, is an adult storybook with color photographs told by Guy Fleming, who also makes sterling silver jewelry using the finest, most precious pieces of sea glass found all over the New Jersey coast. Guy will be signing books, discussing his journey, and exhibiting artwork by Groovy Beach House, his wife’s arm of the business. Together, they work to place New Jersey sea glass in the public eye and enlighten those who have never experienced it.


Gull Cottage Crafts

GULL COTTAGE CRAFTSWhat started out as a young girl’s cherished sea glass collection has grown into a family run business which specializes in one-of-a-kind stained glass creations featuring sea glass and pottery shards hand collected along beaches in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Looking to the sea glass itself for inspiration, we combine the unique colors, textures and patterns with traditional stained glass to capture the intrinsic beauty of each piece. Our creations include sea glass lampshades, panels, angels, sailboats and mermaids.

HL Sea & Beach Glass Jewelry by Holly L’Homedieu

HL SEA BEACH GLASSSurrounded by water, a native Long Islander in New York, Holly L’Homedieu has taken sea glass combing to the next level. You can find the finest quality collectors pieces and antique relics of the sea, genuine sea glass jewelry of all kinds, even custom orders. She can make your dreams into sea glass jewelry!


Janet Payne Jewelry 

Janet Payne Jewelry logoThe sea can be felt in each piece of sea glass.  It is an honor to create jewelry from these talismans of the sea, to remind the wearer of not only the natural strength and beauty of the sea, but of their own inner strength and beauty as well.
“Some of the greatest treasures on the beach are not the ones that fill your pockets they are the ones that fill your soul.”    –  Janet Payne

JCM Jewelry by Colleen Marie

JCM COLLEEN MARIEHandmade JCM Jewelry by Artisan Colleen Marie is truly unique and one of a kind. Each piece is individually designed and handcrafted by jewelry Artisan Colleen Marie. Her designs are modern and contemporary but still capture all the grace and artistry of traditional jewelry designs. Colleen uses only the finest quality materials, including authentic, race and vintage sea glass. Looking for unusual gifts for a special occasion, then look no further. JCM delivers high quality handcrafted jewelry just for you. Customize your Bridal needs!



Katie Carrin

KATIE CARRINKatie Carrin offers beautiful and elegant unique artisan crafted sea glass, gemstone and pearl jewelry. Each of her rare genuine sea glass and beach glass necklaces and earrings are hand-crafted. She pours through sea glass from the North Sea of England finding the perfect pieces and matches beautiful gemstones and freshwater pearls in the perfect hue and shape to compliment these amazing beach glass pieces. She designs sea glass jewelry to fit every occasion including beach wedding jewelry for brides and bridesmaids as well as gifts for moms, birthdays, anniversaries or just a special gift for yourself someone you love.


Kiya Marie Designs

image2Brittany has been collecting sea glass along the East Coast of Massachusetts since she was a child, and began making sea glass jewelry at the age of 19. She is a self taught silversmith, specializing in recycled Argentium silver. She traveled to Florence, Italy to study under a master goldsmith in 2016. Brittany designs and produces all of her jewelry using rare and beautiful sea glass from around the world, using as many recycled materials as possible.



Lisa Hall Jewelry, Natural Sea Glass & Gemstones in Gold & Silver

LISA HALLLisa Hall began her career as a jeweler and designer in Florence, Italy. Trained in classical jewelry techniques, she turned to sea glass as an opportunity to work with a “new” material and integrate her impressive collection of sea glass, found over the years on the beaches of coastal Maine islands. Her jewelry became a hit almost overnight after she was “discovered” by Martha Stewart, who featured Lisa’s work both in her magazine and on her television show, and as they say, the rest is history. Lisa is happy to join the group of individuals who make the NASGA possible.



Lita Sea Glass Jewelry, Carla Garro

LITA SEA GLASSCarla Garro, the owner and designer of Lita Sea Glass Jewelry has loved jewelry and sea glass as long as she can remember. Because sea glass is becoming increasingly rare, she takes pride in finishing each piece perfectly, to create a lasting lifetime keepsake. All Lita designs are carefully handcrafted with “jewelry quality” sea glass and solid sterling silver findings. Carla’s unique seasonal sea glass jewelry designs are sold in dozens of boutiques along the east coast and at Lita Sea Glass Jewelry online





Made By Meg

MADE BY MEG Made By Meg specializes in sea glass and diamond engagement rings, available in gold and silver, perfect for the beach loving bride. You can choose from already made rings or work with Meg to design a custom ring. Meg also offers handcrafted sea glass jewelry in sterling silver. Every piece of sea glass has a tale to tell of the journey taken to find you. Showcasing sea glass into jewelry is the highlight of its adventure from the ocean’s tides. It’s what the waves intended.



Mainley Sea Glass

MAINELY SEA GLASSLocated in Harrison Maine, sea glass jewelry designer Beth Frechette of Mainely Sea Glass offers a wide array of beautiful sea glass jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted with fine and sterling silver, we use only the finest, as found, sea glass from the coast of Maine and from around the world.. We have one of a kind necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Custom orders are always welcome!



Marooned Crab Creations

MAROONED CRABMarooned Crab Creations, LLC specializes in small-scale jewelry made with sea glass, shells, and pearls. My inspiration comes form the shapes, colors and textures found in nature. I utilize a variety of jewelry-making techniques to combine natural objects with gemstones and precious metals. My goal is to enhance the natural item while maintaining simplicity of design.


Monterey Bay Sea Glass by Nancy Allen

MONTEREY BAY SEAGLASSMy jewelry is inspired by years of surfing and collecting sea glass while exploring the Northern California coast. After retiring from the corporate world, I turned this passion into making unique and handcrafted jewelry, set on sterling silver, from sea glass I collect. My goal is to blend the best of nature, art, and creativity into something special to share with others. I donate one-third to local organizations focused on animal rescue and marine conservation.
Please visit our website at Monterey Bay Sea Glass.




Oceano Sea Glass

OCEANOCaribbean sunshine, endless sea, an arts education from the School of Visual Arts in New York, along with metal-smith training at the Revere Academy in San Francisco, allow Christine Gable Epstein to imbue her designs with a tropical spirit while maintaining a modern sensibility. Her beach-inspired jewelry, Oceano Sea Glass, is made with meticulous craftsmanship — honoring the special and unique beauty of sea glass. She also accepts commissions, working directly with clients to make their sea glass jewelry wishes come true.




OPHIUROIDEA Kim Hannon, owner of Ophiuroidea in Saint Michaels, Maryland, has always been in love with the beach. It started as a child, a beachcomber at a very young age, Kim loved the coastal life. Ophiuroidea showcases unique and handcrafted coastal items, mermaid art, genuine sea glass jewelry, coastal furniture & home decor, hand crafted pottery, and more. Kim’s love of beach-combing for sea glass, shells and driftwood along the ocean and Chesapeake Bay’s shorelines, led to creating and hosting the Eastern Shore Sea Glass and Coastal Arts Festival held yearly in Saint Michaels, Maryland.




Out of the Blue Sea Glass Jewelry

OUT OF THE BLUEA sea glass jewelry pioneer, Lisl Armstrong has been making sea glass jewelry for a living since 1987. Out of the Blue Sea Glass Jewelry originated in Puerto Rico and is now based in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Lisl and her husband collected sea glass themselves from the beaches of Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Costa Rica and the USA. She works mostly with sterling silver wire using techniques that have changed little since ancient times. Lisl enjoys making jewelry that is natural and rustic in look and feel, as she finds that sea glass invokes the primitive, mysterious and ancient. Lisl is a commercial member of the NASGA.

Posey’s By The Sea

POSEY'S BY THE SEARon and Sue Posey discovered sea glass at the 2008 NASGA Festival in Lewes, DE. Once they found their first piece of sea glass, they were hooked!  Walking the beaches of the Eastern Shore of MD and VA seeking the ultimate treasure from a time gone by has become their favorite pastime. They use these treasures to create jewelry, home and garden décor. Their product line is only limited by their creativity!



Saddler’s Maine Made

saddlers maine madeNicole Saddler, artist and owner of Saddler’s Maine Made, captures sea glass and other found objects in .935 fine silver wire designing and then creating treasured jewelry & home décor and sculptures.   Nicole, an avid sea glass hunter, lives on the largest freshwater lake in the North East, Moosehead Lake, in Maine.  Moosehead Lake is vast in size and rich in history.  Collecting beach glass through the years Nicole gave them a name, Moosehead Gem’s.  Incorporating handmade lampwork beads into her jewelry designs, each piece is unique and one of a kind.



Sea Found Studio

SEA FOUND STUDIOLuke Hartmann is the owner/artist of Sea Found Studio. Located on the coast of Down East Maine, Hartmann specializes in authentic sea glass jewelry, creating unique bracelets, rings, earrings, pins and custom orders.. Each piece of jewelry is individually designed with Fine Silver, 18K Gold and genuine found Sea glass, collected by Luke himself. All jewelry is one of a kind, meticulously handcrafted, and made to order in his home studio. Sea Found Studios strives to create simple, elegant jewelry that showcases fine metal craft, and the eye-catching beauty of handpicked glass.


Seagals Gallery of Delaware

SEAGALS OF DELAWAREWho can resist the cool things you find on the beach? Sue Lemmons and Cheryl Eashum sure can’t! Growing up, the sisters spent summers camped along the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay. They loved it all – fishing, clamming, crabbing, canoeing – and of course- beachcombing. For them, it was just the beginning. Six years ago, we started wrapping sea glass to add to their seashell craft line. They dug out our old glass, taught themselves to wrap and they have been making jewelry ever since. It has become their passion. They offer unique jewelry for women, men and kids, decorative sea glass art, adorable sea glass angels and pirate and special event jewelry. For them, sea glass is a way of life! Check them out on Facebook!



Sea Ginny’s Beach Glass, Genuine Jersey Shore Sea Glass Jewelry

SEA GINNY'SGinny and Bill Pointon of Sea Ginny’s Beach Jewelry journey began on the beaches of the Jersey Shore in 2003. The sea glass used in our unique jewelry is carefully chosen from beaches around the globe. Sea Ginny’s jewelry designs are drilled with precision and are hand created with fine silver made with PMC (precious metal clay) that adds a unique one-of-a-kind touch to each jewelry design. Sea Ginny specializes in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and we also offer unique holiday pins and ankle bracelets.


Sea Glass Compositions

sea glass compositions

Sea Glass Compositions, incorporating the most prized pieces of sea glass, including the “Pirate Collection”, which incorporates black glass that Ginny Warner finds in Abaco, Bahamas, a harmony is found between the Sea Glass and the bead work.  A truly unique piece of jewelry has been created that will be as timeless as the sea glass itself.  Ginny’s jewelry can be seen on her site, art shows and galleries in the Bahamas, as well as North Carolina, where Ginny creates in her studio part of the year.




Sea Glass Designs, Canada

SEA GLASS DESIGNS CANADAWelcome to Sea Glass Designs! Our earth friendly, organic style jewelry is designed with sterling silver and natural sea glass, a true collaboration between man and nature. We use only genuine sea glass, hand picked from the shores of the Atlantic and beautiful beaches worldwide.



Sea Glass Designs, USA

Bruce and Gail Barton, of Sea Glass Designs spend the winter months living aboard their sailboat in the northern Bahamas collecting rare sea glass shards. The area is rich in beautiful old sea glass as a result of numerous shipwrecks on the reefs off the islands during the early 1800s. Their jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are either wire wrapped, drilled or mounted in sterling silver bezels. They also make picture frames, note cards and other artwork from the sea glass. They are commercial members of NASGA.



Sea Glass Heart Art

SEA GLASS HEART ARTSea Glass Heart Art began in 2009 in Madison, Ohio on Lake Erie.  Stephanie Swain, has been collecting sea glass for years and then in 2009 she started creating her sea glass art.  Stephanie create mosaics, cards, ornaments and small pictures to sell at festivals, online and boutique stores. The mosaics are her passion; from the design to attaching each piece of sea glass, one piece at a time, until the art work is completed. The frames for all of Stephanie’s  mosaics are also handmade by my husband, Barry. Presently you can find her artwork at art festivals and online at Sea Glass Heart Art. Many of her pieces can also be found at boutique stores from Michigan, Ohio and Maryland.


Sea Glass Jewelry by Danielle Renee

Award winning sea glass artisan Danielle Renee Mullen creates original and unique sea glass jewelry with vintage sea glass in both silver and gold. A passionate sea glass collector, this collection has expanded to include some of the rarest sea glass finds from around the globe. Using only genuine, top quality sea glass and transforming each piece into a stunning work of art, Danielle has recently been awarded the title “Artist of the Month” in her home town of Haverhill, Massachusetts, well known for it’s historic art district. Sea Glass Jewelry by Danielle Renee features one of the largest galleries of rare sea glass jewelry on the web. Now selling loose and bulk authentic New England sea glass!



Sea Glass Jewels and Company by Christeena Hockin-Minopetros

SEA GLASS JEWELSChristeena Hockin-Minopetros, jewelry designer, photographer, and award-winning floral designer, is the owner of Sea Glass Jewels and Company. An avid sea glass collector since her youth at the Jersey Shore, Christeena now devotes her time and passion to finding unique and beautiful sea glass in the Greek Isles. Her newly-released book, Sea Glass: a Photographic Journey, showcases her photos of some of her rare and colorful beach finds. Christeena’s jewelry designs are unique; one-of-a-kind pieces, hand crafted using her sea glass treasures with sterling silver. She and her husband spend their winters in the Florida Keys and summers in Greece, where her husband is a sailing boat captain. Enjoy the journey.


The Sea Glass Journal, The Online Resource for Sea Glass Lovers

SEA GLASS JOURNALThe Sea Glass Journal, an online magazine for sea glass collectors, artisans and those who are just plain curious about sea glass. Learn more about the history of sea glass, some of the world’s great glassing spots, craft and jewelry ideas, and interviews with other sea glass lovers.

The perfect storm of sun, surf, sand, and the heady scent of saltwater creates my own personal bliss — especially when you throw a sparkling shard of sea glass into the mix.  These distinct elements have a common thread — a love of nature, of the coast, of fueling my creative drive, and the thrill of discovery. There’s nothing better.  My name is Gary de Blois and I am a graphic designer, amateur photographer, budding jewelry maker, and a lifelong beachcomber. My sea glass collecting hobby weaves together all these passions.

Sea Glass Publishing

SEA GLASS PUBLISHINGSea Glass Publishing was established in 2003 by author Richard LaMotte and his wife Nancy, who opened an independent publishing company on Maryland’s Eastern Shore to produce and market Richard’s book Pure Sea Glass. The book earned first place for non-fiction in Writer’s Digest International Self Publishing Book Competition and was honored by a charitable writer’s conference that named their event “Pure Sea Glass.” Richard is one of the founding Board Members of the NASGA.


Sea Glass Searcher’s Club

SEA GLASS SEARCHERS CLUBI am Cindy Bilbao, artist and author of 2 sea glass books. It is because of my enthusiasm for sea glass that I started the Sea Glass Searcher’s Club website so that I could offer my unique coastal merchandise such as my exclusive, locally printed tee-shirts which reflect the hues of my favorite sea glass colors. I also feature my hand-painted, nautical-cottage style artwork. The website is always evolving with new items that I have created, so check back often to see what I’ve been up to!


Sea Glass Treasures, Handmade by Anne Marie

SEA GLASS TREASURESAnne Marie grew up on Prince Edward Island in Canada near the Atlantic Ocean. Her Dad, a commercial fisherman, instilled a love of the sea in his children. Anne Marie also lived in Hawaii, California and Wisconsin. Her passion for collecting sea glass takes her to both coasts, Hawaii and the Great Lakes. Back in Wisconsin, her husband’s home state, she uses the brilliant and soft colors to create beautiful jewelry. She hopes that the simplicity of her pieces will bring a peaceful yet powerful feeling to the wearer. Anne Marie, a songwriter, has written and recorded a song “God’s Little Treasures” which takes her on a spiritual journey while “seaglassin” on the beach on PEI. Sea Glass Treasures



Sea Goddess Treasures

SEA GODDESS TREASURESThe husband and wife team of Peter and Fran Mueller share a passion for crafting sea-themed jewelry. Their company, Sea Goddess Treasures was inspired by their daughter’s love of mermaids and continues to be inspired by the natural beauty found in the oceans. Fran, a lifetime artist and a graphic designer by trade, is skilled at creating color combinations and loves working with sea glass and Shiva shells. Her signature pieces are wire crochet necklaces. Peter, more detail oriented, creates steampunk pieces utilizing watch parts and sea glass.



Sea Shimmer

Sea Shimmer

Having spent 25 years collecting glass primarily in the Bahamas, creating pieces from nature’s lavish gifts is Sandra’s true and absolute passion.  With her background in marine biology it seems Sandra, of Sea Shimmer, was destined for this work.  For her, it has always been about the glass.  It comes first, suggesting, sometimes even dictating her designs.  Sandra is inspired by nature and the sea in such powerful and very real ways that her designs emerge as what she feels is a distinctive combination of simple yet sophisticated.



Shipwreck, Inc – C.S. Lambert

Some people’s passion for sea glass goes beyond collecting—they use it to create something of beauty. Carole Lambert, C.S. Lambert, author of Sea Glass Chronicles and many more sea glass books, gives us a unique peek into the studios of those who do everything from gathering and amassing sea glass mulch for landscaping to designing stained-sea-glass windows. Carol’s books will arouse a renewed sense of wonder in those who already possess a passion for sea glass and win legions of new sea-glass devotees.




Shoreline Designs

SHORELINE DESIGNSDesigner Michele Shore’s passion for sea glassing has inspired her collection of fine jewelry. She creatively combines coastal treasures to make stylish, fun, yet sophisticated designs set in sterling silver. Her natural surf tumbled sea glass jewelry includes shards from the beaches of the US, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. Michele can custom design jewelry using your own sea glass or you can choose one-of-a-kind pieces from her current collection. Shoreline Designs is a commercial member of NASGA.



Signeture Line Jewelry

SIGNETURE LINESigneture Line Jewelry is a full time business featuring one of a kind and custom made sterling silver sea glass jewelry. Signe Lawson lives in Michigan. She has been designing and creating jewelry since 2004. Sig is a self taught artisan and specializes in no back bezel setting. She uses genuine surf tumbled beach/sea glass only. Her original designs are clean, contemporary and timeless. Although Sig loves to treasure hunt, most of her sea glass comes from reputable collectors from all over the world. She is a proud member of NASGA and can be reached by emailing




Silverwhimsies Jewelry

Wendy Garver is the owner of Silverwhimsies Jewelry. She is very passionate about creating unique and special pieces for people who want something a little bit different. If we had to describe her jewelry we would say it’s very organic. Leaving the sea glass in its original sea tumbled state is essential to how she designs her jewelry. Unlike gems and cabochons, sea glass has little nooks and crannies that the bezel folds in to creating uneven, gnarly shapes. Another important element in her jewelry designs is the use of scrap silver. She melts down whatever scrap silver she has then she hammers, flattens and shapes the silver so it echo’s the lines of the sea glass. She never knows what she’s going to end up with until the piece is finished. Each piece of Silverwhimsies Jewelry is one of a kind.



Sojourn Curiosities

SOJOURN CURIOSITIESSarah Koelbl specializes in sculpted wire jewelry, featuring sea glass and china from Maine and beyond. A self-taught designer, each piece is adorned in the scrollwork style Sarah has developed. To find her shards, Sarah scours the rocky, Midcoast Maine shores, which are rich in shipbuilding heritage. Occasionally, when wanderlust strikes, she consults with select beachcombers in places like Greece, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. Each of Sarah’s designs will take you on a journey to another place or time, each has a story to tell.



Souris By The Sea Glass

As the waves tumble onto the beautiful Prince Edward Island shores, my husband and I can be found searching for impressive and unique sea gems. Our love for the outdoors led us to become avid collectors of driftwood, shells and sea glass. Our travels have also taken us to many interesting beaches across Canada and the United States in search of the beautiful beach treasures.  The greatest finds are where we have our summer home, Prince Edward Island, Canada. We have a large gallery of gems and products that we supply to artisans worldwide with our . We are very proud to display our genuine sea glass in Souris, Prince Edward Island at our sister’s shop  “Souris by the Sea Treasures”



Spirit of the Sea, Genuine Sea Glass Jewelry

SPIRIT OF THE SEAFor years Dianne and Frank McLaughlin of Spirit of the Sea Glass  have gathered those wayward bits of glass found on the beach and saved them in a bowl for the sun to shine through. Their sea glass has long ago outgrown the bowl in the window but the desire to collect it never slowed. Their jewelry is made mostly from sea glass that they, themselves, have found. Hand crafting the sea glass jewelry from genuine beach glass allows them to share their passion with you and satisfies a need to be “green” by turning trash to treasure. Simple splendor from the sea… it’s all about the glass! They hope you enjoy it as much as they do.


ST Beach Finds

ST BEACH FINDSST Beach Finds is located in St. Leonard, MD on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Steve and Tammy’s love for the water along with finding sea glass, sharks teeth, fossils and driftwood has ignited a passion in both of us to use our creative energy to transform these treasures into unique items. We hand select every piece and turn it into one of a kind jewelry, wreaths, lamps, fan pulls, ornaments and more. It is a true labor of love.



Still Water Deep

STILL WATER DEEPSince childhood, collecting old bottles in the woods has been one of my favorite things to do. In 2009, I discovered sea glass in Puerto Rico. As I found pieces of blue and green, I imagined milk-of-magnesia and wine bottles I had dug out of the ground, only these pieces were like jewels in the sun, tumbled and frosted by their time in the ocean. I create jewelry from sea glass and gemstones. There are several techniques I incorporate including wire wraps, hand knotting, stringing (beading) and drilling.



Suegray Jewelry

SUEGRAY JEWELRYSuegray loves gathering sea glass, with all it’s history and mystery, dreaming about where each piece began before it was broken, tossed and tumbled in the surf… transformed into a precious sea glass gem. Then she transforms these beauties into simply wrapped jewels and wreaths, as well as casting her sterling silver bottle neck rings. Sue has been a NASGA board member since 2009. You may view and purchase her creations at




Suncoast Sea Glass Jewelry by Valerie Weston

SUNCOAST SEA GLASSDesigner and metalsmith Valerie Weston takes sea glass in a new and beautiful direction with her jewelry designs featuring pure silver textures, freshwater pearls and genuine sea glass from around the world. Always inspired by the sea and framed within her impeccable hand-fabricated sterling silver settings, each piece of Suncoast Sea Glass Jewelry is as unique as the sea glass itself.




Surfside Sea Glass Jewelry

SURFSIDE SEA GLASSSurfside Sea Glass creates unique designs in genuine sea glass jewelry including pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and more. All pieces of sea glass used are genuine, flawless, jewelry-grade and ocean-tumbled. I handpick my sea glass off of the sand myself – spending countless days throughout each year on beaches around the world from Puerto Rico to California, Bermuda, Panama, England, Ireland and beyond to bring these pieces to you. This is especially important with sea glass pieces as I am able to give you the origin of the sea glass. Therefore, the unique history of each piece can be surmised back to a specific time-period and original form. History is as important as beauty to sea glass. My love of history is a big part of why I love sea-glass collecting. Remember, all of my pendants, bracelets, rings and pairs of earrings have that added touch of quality and handcrafted love.



 True Seaglass Jewelry

true sea glass jewer

My wife and I have always had a passion for finding sea glass. Over the years every trip to a beach or river we looked for sea glass. We found so much we didn’t know what to do with it, so we started getting creative and thinking of ways to use it. Now we have a new passion, making art primarily jewelry out of seaglass and we started True Seaglass Jewelry. We found that like snowflakes no two pieces are alike. Each jewelry piece is hand crafted with only genuine seaglass hand picked off a beach.




Vacation Creations

vacation creationsSuzanne Hunter,   started finding Sea Glass as a little girl, on a secluded beach where her grandparents lived in North Wildwood, NJ.   Four years ago she decided to combine her love of jewelry design with her love of sea glass and started Vacation Creations.   Suzanne’s creations are made with fine or sterling silver, and are designed to spark a memory, maybe of a favorite beach vacation, or a special moment.  She currently resides with her husband and three children in one of America’s oldest seaside destinations, Cape May County, NJ.



Van Der Muffin’s Jewels

VDMJ Biz Card NEW 2016

Van Der Muffin’s Jewels handmade, fine artisan jewelry adorned with semi-precious gemstones, natural pearls & genuine sea glass is handcrafted by Courtney Andrea Fox with the creative inspiration of her Labrador Retriever, Feisty Tiger Sloane Van Der Muffin, Tiger. Their Hampton’s Sea Glass Collection infuses traditional sea glass jewelry with a hint of the Bohemian glamour that effervesces from the stylish, sophisticated women frequenting its shore.  Each adornment celebrates the magnificent jewels of the sea discovered whilst exploring the pristine Hamptons beaches, where they reside.





Virgin Sea Glass

VIRGIN SEA GLASSVirgin Sea Glass is an outgrowth of a life-long love of beach-combing. Mary Louise Lauffer creates casual sea glass jewelry, pieces with fine sterling silver, and incorporates sea glass into her collages, history boxes, mobiles, mosaics, multi-media work. She and her husband, having collected sea glass for over 45 years, assure each piece used was found by them! Now living in Delaware, collecting and creating in a new location is new and exciting.



West Coast Sea Glass, Genuine Sea Glass & Sea Glass Jewelry

WEST COAST SEA GLASSAs lifelong beachcombers we, the artists at West Coast Sea Glass use only genuine, ocean tumbled sea glass. We have traveled many of the world’s oceans taking great pride in beach combing for the sea glass ourselves. This way we are able to offer some of the finest and rarest sea glass and beach glass in our handmade, artisan jewelry. This journey, matched with decades of jewelry experience and a full serve silversmithing studio is where or alluring ocean gems and jewelry design beautifully intersect. West Coast Sea Glass uses its vintage collection in beach themed, original designs. We have been actively involved in the world-wide sea glass community for over a decade and work hard to maintain a strong role in educating the public about genuine sea glass and its history. We also pride ourselves on employing eco-friendly business methods like our use of recycled silver and our adherence to a nine step environmental commitment plan. We also seek to utilize the finest jewelry components in our designs.

Wilton Artisans

WILTON ARTISANSOur passion is sea glass: genuine, authentic, just-as-you-find-it-on-the-beach sea glass. Each piece we find has a unique shape and a one-of-a-kind history. Our mission at Wilton Artisans is to create stylish jewelry designs that showcase the natural beauty of each piece of sea glass. All of our designs are inspired by the sea: the waves, sand dunes, and even the beach stones influence our work. We only use authentic, unaltered pieces of sea glass in our designs. The glass itself guides us to the ideal setting—ring, pendant, or bracelet. Then, our metal smiths work with recycled silver, handcrafting each piece of our collection. As a member of the North American Sea Glass Association, we guarantee that our sea glass is genuine. Please know that each piece of jewelry that leaves our studio was created to be worn and enjoyed for years to come. We hope you find as much joy and tranquility in our collections as we do…