2023 Festival Vendors

We are pleased that the following International Sea Glass Association members will be at the 2023 Sea Glass Festival in Mystic, Connecticut, on July 29–30, 2023. These small businesses and artisans create beautiful work inspired by the treasures they find on the beach.

✳️ Offering a discount for Mystic Seaport Museum and ISGA Members

Acorn Beach Glass and Artistry ✳️
Nanci Melster—Ohio
Unique artwork, jewelry, candles, wine bottle toppers, glass charms, and more created with authentic Great Lakes beach glass and other natural elements.

Beach Baubles
Marianna Bellantoni—New York
Accessories, jewelry, home décor and art made from sea glass, seashells, sea pottery, and beach stones.

Beach Glass Bingo
Rex Nockengust/Gene Allen—California
The goal of Beach Glass Bingo is to create jewelry that evokes a perfect day at the beach.

Beachcombing Magazine ✳️
Kirsti Scott & Matt Scott—California
Magazine filled with stories about sea glass, seashells, fossils, beach rocks, historical finds, and more. 

Bead Boutique / Tricia Hall Jewelry
Tricia Hall—Maryland
Wearable art inspired by the sea.

Bling Beach Glass Windows ✳️
Don Welchko—Michigan
Display windows that allow temporary storage of beach and sea glass while enjoying their bling!

Sharon Brubaker, Author ✳️
Sharon Brubaker—Maryland
Sharon’s novels have a touch of romance and magic and are inspired by real locations, her love of sea glass, and adventure.

Cape Cod Gypsea
Kaya Alexandria Worthington—Massachusetts
Jewelry created using genuine and historical sea glass and inspired by the beauty around us.

DMG Creations ✳️
Dottie Gilbo—Pennsylvania
Dottie creates fine silver jewelry using beach and sea glass from all over the world.

The Erie Hound Dogs
Adam and Kayla—New York
Artisan-crafted beach glass and sea glass jewelry.

Frosted Trash
Julie O’Brien—Maryland
Jewelry, wreaths and accessories made using locally found objects from the shores of the Potomac River.

funky bijoux
Patty Hopkinson—Rhode Island
Whimsical and quirky sea glass and driftwood contrivances sourced from local New England beaches.

Gull Cottage Crafts
Merrideth and Michael Lassotovitch—Massachusetts
One-of-a-kind stained glass creations featuring sea glass and pottery shards hand collected in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Heart to Heart Designs
Kyle Kochiss—Connecticut
Heart-shaped jewelry, paperweights, keychains, shadowbox art, and shell ornaments.

HKM Jewelry
Hali MacLaren—Pennsylvania
Ocean-inspired, heirloom-quality pieces use found objects from the Atlantic shoreline cast in solid metals or hand fabricated as wearable art.

HL Sea and Beach Glass Jewelry ✳️
Holly L’Hommedieu—New York
Holly creates unique handcrafted sea glass jewelry made with a variety of media.

Kate Samson Design
Kathleen Samson—California
Kate Samson Design is a California-based designer who transforms precious metals, sea glass and other gems into rustic refined sea jewelry.

Lovely Glassworks
Lynne Fortin—Rhode Island
Lynne combines colorful stained glass with sea glass collected along the rocky Rhode Island coast to create one-of-a-kind art for your windows.

Susanna Hinnawi—Savona, Italy
Susanna collects sea glass from the Mediterranean beaches where she lives and Murano glass that she collects in the Lagoon.

Marooned Crab Creations, LLC
Bonnie C. Gordon—Arizona
One-of-a-kind jewelry created from beachcombing and mudlarking finds, combined with precious metals, gems, and pearls.

New Beginnings Sea Glass
Betsy O’Reilly—Connecticut
Designs within picture frames and windows utilizing sea glass, shells, and driftwood she finds along Connecticut beaches.

Ocean Sea Glass Creations
Eva and John Panko—New Jersey
After collecting sea glass for many years, their collection became too large. They sell loose sea glass and make unique creations with their sea glass.

Rainbow by The Sea Jewelry Designs
Gabriella Homorozan—Virginia
Give the gift of jewelry that can be handed down through generations to remember fun times at the beach.

Rubtoys Sea Glass
Ruben & Rosie Agudo—Puerto Rico
Ruben and Rosie sell beach sea glass they collect on the beaches of the west coast of Puerto Rico.

Sea Glass and Shore ✳️
David Leonelli—Maine/New Hampshire
Costal inspired jewelry, art, gifts & shore décor.

Sea Glass Compositions ✳️
Ginny Warner—North Carolina
Unique sea glass jewelry made by weaving seed beads, Swarovski crystals and pearls along with semi-precious stones to hold the sea glass.

Sea Glass Designs ✳️
Bruce and Gail Barton—Connecticut
Jewelry featurnig rare pieces of authentic sea glass and pottery found in the Abaco Islands and handcrafted using sterling silver, fine silver, and gold.

The Sea Glass Grotto ✳️
Suzanne Hunter—New Jersey
Suzanne strives to create unique designs in sterling silver that will be adored by their owners.

Sea Glass Heart Art 
Stephanie C. Swain—Ohio
Stephanie Swain, Sea Glass Heart Art, creates cards, watercolor art, ornaments, and mosaics using natural sea glass.

Sea Glass Jewelry and Art by Nora ✳️
Nora Campanella—Pennsylvania
Beautiful hand-wired pure sea glass jewelry and original watercolor sea glass mosaic art.

Sea Glass Journal/Just Beachy Keen
Gary De Blois—Rhode Island
Jewelry created using genuine sea glass found on coastlines around the world. The Sea Glass Journal is an online magazine about sea glass.

Sea Shimmer
Sandra Cira—Massachusetts
Sandra is a beachcomber and silversmith who marries her two passions of sea glass and jewelry design.

Sea Witch Jewlz
Cheryl Besegai—Massachusetts
With gothic, whimsical, and witchy themes, this sea glass jewelry balances gorgeous sun-kissed sea glass with dark and mystical themes.

Silver Coquí Sea Glass ✳️
César Williams-Padín—Maryland
Sea glass framed art with genuine sea glass from Puerto Rico.

Skeezel Press
Patricia Merski—Pennsylvania
Mother Beach is a gift book expressing the joy of finding beach glass.

ST Beach Finds
Steve Gladhill and Tammy Thatcher—Maryland
Jewelry, decor, and accessories made from 100% authentic driftwood, sea glass, and fossils from the Chesapeake Bay.

Stacey’s Sea Glass Shop
Stacey Biggs—New Jersey
Stacey has a passion for wearable and useable sea glass, creating timeless designs that can be treasured as family heirlooms.

Still Waters USA ✳️
Victoria Woolard—Connecticut
Sea glass jewelry products, gifts, and home items. They offer six different classes using real sea glass.

Surfside Sea Glass Jewelry ✳️
Denise Troy—New Jersey
Surfside Sea Glass designs unique and whimsical jewelry with genuine sea glass from around the world.

List of vendors subject to change. Please check vendor websites for final confirmation.