NASGA Festival

The North American Sea Glass Association is excited to hold the 1st Virtual North American Sea Glass Festival, which will be held the weekend of August 21 & 22, 2021 and will feature live sales, tutorial videos and more!

During the days of the festival, videos will stream on this page. In between presentations, attendees have the opportunity to shop Live events on Facebook and Instagram & visit exhibitor booths on this page to visit online shops.

The show runs from 10am to 5pm EST on August 21-22, 2021.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

10 am Welcome from Kim Hannon, NASGA President

11 am Jason Sandy – Mudlarking in London

3 pm Mary McCarthy – Sea Glass Lantern Project

Sunday, August 22, 2021

10 am Welcome from Kim Hannon, NASGA President

11 am Lisa Hall – A Sea Glass Story

3 pm Sea Glass Contest Awards

Shop our NASGA Member’s online websites below. Asterisk (*) indicates Member sells genuine loose sea glass.

Jason Sandy – Mudlarking in London

Saturday, August 21 11 am

Hailing from London is featured speaker and beachcomber, Jason Sandy, member of the Society of Thames Mudlarks and trustee of the Thames Museum Trust, a charity planning a new museum dedicated to the historically important archaeology of the River Thames.

Jason, an architect by day and mudlark by night, is a well-known speaker and writes feature articles for several magazines including Beachcombing, Treasure Hunting, and The Searcher. He is also co-author of the book Thames Mudlarking: Searching for London’s Lost Treasures.

Let’s travel with Jason as he takes us on a night excursion to the River Thames in the beautifully illuminated city of London.

Excerpt from Jason’s Book Thames Mudlarking: Searching for London’s Lost Treasures

Founded in 43 AD by the Romans, London has been a bustling center of trade for nearly 2,000 years. Flowing through the heart of London is the River Thames, which was once the largest port in the world. When the tide recedes, the longest archeological site in Britain is revealed, and evidence of London’s illustrious history is revealed. Mudlarks who beachcomb along the exposed riverbed have made some incredible discoveries. Each object recovered from the mud reveals a unique story about the people who lived and word along the Thames. Many pieces are perfectly preserved, revealing fascinating backstories about London’s history. 

Lisa Hall – A Sea Glass Story

Sunday, August 22 11 am

Hailing from the coast of northern Maine, former NASGA Board member Lisa Hall will take us on a trip to Maine’s beaches and coastal islands where sea glass, tossed by the sea, wind and waves, is abundant.

Until the late nineteenth century, people who lived on the water thought nothing of throwing garbage onto the beach, while fisherman tossed corked bottles into the water, using the bottles as buoys for lobster traps. Many of the regional pieces found today have historical significance.

As a talented artist who studied Italian Renaissance art history, advanced painting and sculpture, Lisa broadened her interest and studied classical jewelry-making techniques in Florence, Italy, then began designing and producing custom jewelry in 1989. Her simple yet elegant designs allow sea glass to be the focal point of her one-of-a-kind pieces set in softly polished silver and gold bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings. This well-respected artist became a hit almost overnight after Martha Stewart featured Lisa’s work in both her magazine and on her television show.  And, as they say, the rest is history. Let’s join Lisa on an adventure of a lifetime.

Mary McCarthy – Sea Glass Lantern Project

Saturday, August 21 3 pm

Join NASGA Vice President Mary McCarthy, Executive Director of The Beachcombing Center at the new Beach Bank building for a tour of the new museum and fun craft activity during NASGA’s virtual festival!

We will be making an easy but fun Sea Glass Lantern that will make a great addition to your screened porch or patio area.

This will be a fun, relaxing night enjoying the museum tour and getting to chat with other beachcombers so grab a drink, sit down and have fun creating a keepsake item that will enable you to light up your finds to enjoy for future evenings at your home!

Photo credit: Jay Fleming

Supplies Needed:

  • Decorative Candle Lantern, Hanging or Stationary 

(Available in craft supply, home goods stores or online- here is a sample. Tips: try to find one that does not have a lot of separate panels within the glass sections that will be hard to find smaller beach finds to fit).

  • Miscellaneous flat beach glass finds (lay them out -without gluing- on one side of the lantern to approximate how many you will need, then multiply by four to get an idea of how many to collect for the project).
  • Large tube E6000 clear glue
  • toothpicks or wooden skewers/chopsticks
  • votive candle 
  • BYOB!

Shop NASGA Members at the Virtual Festival

2nd Time Glass by Wendy Craig

Wendy Craig blames her sea glass hunting addiction (not curable, by the way) on her two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers who swim in the ocean all year round. Her 2nd Time Glass Sea Glass Jewelry Designs are classic, simple but elegant, and are suitable for blue jeans or a night at the opera. Wendy maintains an eBay store and an Etsy store online and is most known as the lady who can make your special order just the way you pictured it and at an affordable price. She is proud to be a member of the North American Sea Glass Association helping to preserve the integrity of genuine sea glass for future family heirlooms. Wendy lives in the heart of the woods near Hackettstown, NJ.

Acorn Beach Glass

In 2016, after unexpectedly losing three siblings within six months, a beach glasser was born. Devastated and trying to get through the trauma, Nanci would often find herself along the shores of Lake Erie. Growing up out on the water of the Great Lakes, there was not much thought about the treasures that lay right there on the shores. During one of those walks, she began to see these wonderful cloudy tumbled pieces of glass and picked a few of them up, which turned into a few full jars, which turned into her husband creating and bringing to life space of her own. A studio was born. And that is when creativity took hold. She began with simple bracelets, key chains, and pictures. From there it blossomed into wind chimes, wine glass charms, ornaments, artwork, serving trays, and well it is still growing with new and unique items added almost weekly. Nanci had a local art store take notice. She never really thought about selling what she had made but apprehensively she gave a few pieces to the art store, and then to a few pop-up shops, and then onto festivals and it has been wonderful. She has a successful little business and has found herself to be quite an entrepreneur of all things beach glass.

Amyables Sea Glass Jewelry

Amy has been collecting sea glass since I was a little girl and making jewelry since 2006. Most of her sea glass is found along the Massachusetts North Shore. The only alteration made to the glass is when she drills a hole through it. Each piece of jewelry is made with sterling silver wire and findings. Some designs also have pearls and Swarovski crystals. Amyables Sea Glass Jewelry is designed and made by Amy Kostecki.

Art of Sea Glass

VIRTUAL FESTIVAL: Art of Sea Glass is offering a free sea glass charm with any purchase (one per customer). And Free USA shipping, along with many many discounted items on my website and some brand new beauties shown on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow my pages artofseaglass

Aileen Cabral of Art of Sea Glass has been enamored with art in every form. She takes great joy in learning and embracing new artistic mediums.  From a very early age Aileen began painting with oils and ever since then she has embraced every chance to color her life with the art that brings such pleasure to others.   When Aileen first heard about precious metal clay she was intrigued and searched out all the information she could find until she had taught herself to create stunning jewelry out of it.  She then embedded her other great joy, of collecting sea glass, into the silver and produced her best selling item, sea glass jewelry.  Aileen began selling her sea glass jewelry at art shows, galleries, and boutiques, and then expanded into online sales, which has been a great success.  Aileen’s work is also now sold at over 20 art galleries and boutiques in the USA and Canada.

Beach Baubles


Beach Baubles™ treasures are made from genuine sea glass, also known as beach glass or Mermaid’s Tears, seashells, sea pottery/china shards, and beach stones. Marianna Bellantoni is always busy in her beach bungalow home studio, creating tidal treasures for beach lovers to enjoy! She creates accessories such as key-chains, and hairpins; jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets and anklets; home decor items such as ceiling fan/light pulls, wine glass charms, sun-catchers, wind chimes, and ornaments.

Beach Bum Jewels, Authentic Beach Glass Jewelry

Mother and daughter duo, Linda Mickevicius and Jamie Slutzkin, are the co-owners of Beach Bum Jewels. They feature unique jewelry items, handmade from authentic beach glass tumbled by Mother Nature and collected from all over the world as well as Lake Michigan where they live. Besides the many choices of jewelry items online and in their store, custom pieces made from customers’ own beach glass are available. Beach Bum Jewels has been in business since 2005 and have been members of NASGA since its’ inception.

Beachcoming Magazine

VIRTUAL FESTIVAL: 10% Off during the Virtual Festival. Use NASGA code at checkout

Beachcombing magazine is devoted to beachcombing, sea and beach glass, seashells, beach rocks, beach fossils, historical finds, ocean conservation, beach vacations, coastal decor, beach jewelry, and more. Our readers are passionate about beach and sea glass, mudlarking, beach destinations, and unique art and products made from beach finds. Each issue of Beachcombing magazine brings you the stories you love about beachcombing and beach life. Beachcombing magazine also creates accessories, stickers, books, and more for beachcombers. Our community includes sea glass hunters, jewelers, artists, shell collectors, mudlarks, and rock hounds who share their stories and photos in the magazine. Through Beachcombing Club, Beachcombing magazine brings beachcombing experts and enthusiasts together in a video speaker series and live online events.

Bead Boutique – Tricia Hall*

Tricia’s passion is working with metals, turning a simple piece of precious metal into a one of kind piece of jewelry using metal soldering techniques with a torch. Her work is made integrating found treasures from the Chesapeake Bay, primarily sea glass, capturing the piece in an organic free form way. With her love of semi-precious gemstones and fresh water pearls as well, she often incorporates them into her pieces, accenting the metal work and natural sea glass.

*Sells loose genuine sea glass.

Beach Glass Bingo

Beach Glass Bingo was established in 2000 by Gene Allen and Rex Nockengust. Actors and singers most of their lives, they have always been avid collectors of beach glass. It was while the two were living in Hawaii that they mastered the technique for drilling glass and began making jewelry out of these “gems.” with their move to San Diego, what began as a hobby has turned into a full-time occupation for both Gene and Rex.

Beach Glass by Tracy – Broken Beauty*

Hand collected Lake Erie beach glass uniquely fashioned into jewelry selections. A summer past time blossomed into our small business. We travel to markets in NE Ohio offering our beach glass selections.

*Sells loose genuine sea glass.

Bling Beach Glass Windows

bling beach

Bling Beach Glass Windows designs and engineers windows that store beach and sea glass treasures in a reusable display. The one-of-a-kind window came about after Kristina discovered beach glass collecting and fell in love with the beautiful Mermaid’s Tears about ten years ago.  Her windowsills became overcrowded with vases and jars filled with beach glass. She had to think of another way to display the glass pieces while enjoying the bling created by the sunlight shining through her displays.  With her husband, she designed a reusable beach glass storage window. Together they engineered a window where she could “drop” her beach glass into the display and hang it in her windows for the light to shine through “the bling”. These unique, hand-crafted window displays comes in composite white or natural cedar with different size offerings and several options. “Just drop your beach glass in, and hang or set your display in your window or on your porch!

Blue Heron Heirlooms

Blue Heron Heirlooms by Laura, located in Delaware and Pennsylvania, has evolved from making military support gifts for fellow Navy  families to offering all hand crafted sterling silver and sea glass jewelry, and art.  Laura has “crafted” from as early as age 6 when she learned how to make her own Barbie clothes, furniture and Halloween costumes from scraps. Two years ago Laura taught herself the fine art of silversmithing. Laura grew up in Delaware, and going to Rehoboth Beach where she always loved beach combing. It was only natural that her passion for creating art and jewelry turned to creating works of art and wearable art with the finest materials and only naturally surf tumbled sea glass found by herself and purchased from professional collectors around the world.

By The Sea Jewelry*

Linda Jereb is one of the founding board members of the NAGSA. She has been a leader in the sea glass community for over 30 years, educating consumers about genuine natural sea glass. By The Sea Jewelry is a full time company with hundreds of online ready to ship handcrafted pieces. Since all sea glass pieces are unique, Linda was the first artist to individually photographed and describe each and every piece of jewelry she offers. She has originated phrases and terms that are widely used such as “Genuine Sea Glass”, “Reverse Gem”, “Worn By Waves Recycled By The Sea” and “Sea Glass is JUST GLASS, like diamonds are JUST ROCKS”.

Linda has been fortunate to have appeared on Local and National Network TV, national newspapers and several magazines including Coastal Style, Beaches Magazine, and Coastal Living. She is also the founder of the worlds largest non agenda sea glass community Seaglasslovers, now exclusively on Facebook. She resides  in North Carolina with her husband Jim and her furry best friend Ben.

Cape Cod Gypsea

Inspirations come from what the beautiful ocean has reclaimed from us, turning trash into historic treasure to now be renamed as sea glass.  Kaya Worthington, of Cape Cod Gypsea, creates jewelry ranging from sea glass, sand, gemstones, sterling, bohemian, nautical and more.  A self taught Silversmith, Kaya preserves beauty & history through her jewelry design. Growing up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and also living a third of her life aboard an 80 ft Schooner in Key West, Florida, her love of the ocean began long before she was born, with sea captains & sailors wives in the generations before her.  All jewelry is hand forged on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

Caribbean Memories

Mary Ferrante is a jewelry artist specializing in authentic sea glass jewelry.  While traveling the Caribbean, Mary and her husband collected wonderful sea glass from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Aruba, and Grand Cayman and Caribbean Memories was born!  The sea glass inspired her jewelry journey and now she owns and operates a gallery and studio in Historic New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  The gallery showcases Mary’s hand made jewelry and she teaches metal smithing classes in the attached studio.  Please be sure to stop in and visit if you ever find yourself in New Smyrna Beach.  The gallery is located at 310 Canal Street.

Chesapeake Seaglass

Chesapeake Seaglass® jewelry features hand made creations designed by Chestertown, Maryland artist Nancy LaMotte.  She uses sea glass collected solely from beaches along the Chesapeake Bay and maintains each piece in its original condition.  To provide an illuminating background for the natural colors she uses sterling silver to create bracelets, necklaces, pendants, pins and earrings in up to 14 different colors.

Coastal Creations by Heidi & Ted Blake

We have collected Sea Glass for over 40 years while living in several countries and on both the east and west coast of the United States. Coastal Creations by Heidi & Ted Blake art is one of a kind, with the glass used as its found. Our windows have more then 1500 pieces on average. Additionally we created jewelry, clocks, lamps shadowboxes and much more. You may reach us by phone at 757-696-0340 or email:

Corner of My Heart

Laurie makes sea glass art by combining watercolor painting, modern calligraphy and other natural elements to create one of a kind pieces. She is inspired by flowers, nature, and the sea to create a variety of original pieces from furniture to pillows to framed art.  She also collects  beach glass and pebbles from the shores of Lake Erie to design whimsical works.  

Laura likes to incorporate words and quotes that speak to the soul.  Her hope is that something made from the Corner of My Heart will connect with yours.

Coqui Corner Jewels

Mary & Frank Pearson’s winter getaways to the warmth and beauty of Puerto Rico for the last 18 years started them on the path to their love of sea glass and the designs they have created.  Each winter they spend many hours of many days combing the beaches for jewelry grade sea glass.  The sea glass finds are left in the natural state.   Coqui Corner Jewels jewelry is designed and made with loving care in New Jersey.

Created with Seaglass

All of Kathe Wittig’s sea glass gems are picked up on beaches, bays or where tidal rivers flow into larger bodies of salt water along the East Coast. She has collected sea glass for over 25 years and build most vacations around beach areas where she can collect this special glass. Kathy enjoys creating sterling silver bezels using soldering techniques and accept custom orders. 

Crystal Moon Designs

Christal Keener discovered the art of making jewelry by accident. Fueled by her love of beach glass, 19 years ago she made herself a very organic beach glass bracelet. She wore this bracelet to an event and suddenly she was a beach glass jewelry artist. Her degree is in textile design from the years before there were computers. She discovered she loved working with her hands. Christal wanted her jewelry to be less craft and more fine art, so she set off to learn all she could about the properties of metal and making silver jewelry. She went to Colorado to work with a silver smith; She spent hours in TAP studio in Cleveland under the guidance of Todd Pownell and Debra Rosen. She went to Penland and studied under other amazing artists to build and develop her skills. She could not get enough knowledge, she was hooked, and had found her passion. Today she is a full time jewelry artist. Her work includes more than just beach glass. She also works with gems stones and other found objects. She continues to develop her skill and education.

DMG Creations, Precious Metal Clay Beach & Sea Glass Jewelry

Dottie Gilbo grew up a few blocks from the shores of Lake Erie and loved picking up the pretty gems from the beach, never thinking that one day they would become beautiful pieces of jewelry from those gems. After taking silversmithing classes to make beveled rings and necklaces, she then discovered Precious Metal Clay, took classes and loved how much fun PMC is to work with and how creative you can be. She now incorporates English sea glass with the PMC to make beautiful silver jewelry.

Etched by the Sea

Graphic designer and sea glass collector, Kirsti Scott of Etched by the Sea, creates sea glass designs with beach glass, sea pottery, sea shells, and beach stones from California and around the world. Her designs are available as original mosaics, prints, cards, stickers, note pads, mugs, handmade jewelry pieces, and more. When not wandering the beaches collecting sea glass, sea marbles, fossils, and pottery shards, she is the creative director and founder of web design firm, Scott Design. She has degrees in Economics from Stanford University and Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design.

Frosted Trash, Natural Beach Glass Jewelry

Frosted Trash: Jewelry, wreaths and accessories made by Julie O’Brien use locally found objects (unaltered) from the shores of the Potomac River in Southern Maryland. Each pottery shard, rusty painted metal fragment, shell, beach glass, or smooth beach rock is re-purposed into luxury wearable art. Julie creates each piece with an artist eye – enhancing the original inspiration piece. Materials used to create these unique pieces include sterling silver or 14K gold filled metals, semi-precious beads, Swarovski crystals, and cultured pearls.  Julie’s spectacular beach glass wreaths and shell wreaths are a truly unique creation that has attracted attention from buyers and galleries throughout the region. A large wreath can have 250-350 pieces of glass. Julie’s all white wreaths with shells, beach glass and starfish are a favorite wedding gift.

Gage’s Design Studio

At Gage’s Design Studio nature inspired jewelry is made from Genuine unaltered Sea Glass, natural gemstone cabochons, and Sterling Silver. What started as making gemstone bead bracelets evolved into wire wrapped natural gemstones and crystals. Then while on vacationing in Maine collecting sea glass at the beaches and visiting mines. This led to the designer Sharon Gage taking metalsmith classes, and her husband taking lapidary classes. Together they collect sea glass, a$end gem and mineral shows to collect beautiful slabs of gemstone and fossil. She also collects sea glass from trusted sellers around the world. She makes bezel set sea glass jewelry. One of her favorite things to make is jewelry with a combination of natural gemstone or fossil with genuine sea glass.

Glass Beach Jewelry, Hand Crafted by Captain Cass

Capt. J.H. (Cass) Forrington spent 27 years at sea, visiting over 50 countries on every coast of every continent except Antarctica. He has visited the Amazon Indians, has sailed up the Congo River and has been 600 miles from the North Pole. He now spends his retirement combing the magnificent “Glass Beaches” of Fort Bragg, California, the highest concentration of sea glass in the world, for rare and precious sea gems from which to craft his jewelry and create displays for his Sea Glass Museum.

Gull Cottage Crafts

What started out as a young girl’s cherished sea glass collection has grown into a family run business which specializes in one-of-a-kind stained glass creations featuring sea glass and pottery shards hand collected along beaches in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Looking to the sea glass itself for inspiration, we combine the unique colors, textures and patterns with traditional stained glass to capture the intrinsic beauty of each piece. Our creations include sea glass lampshades, panels, angels, sailboats and mermaids.

HL Sea & Beach Glass Jewelry by Holly L’Homedieu

Surrounded by water, a native Long Islander in New York, Holly L’Homedieu has taken sea glass combing to the next level. You can find the finest quality collectors pieces and antique relics of the sea, genuine sea glass jewelry of all kinds, even custom orders. She can make your dreams into sea glass jewelry!

Janet Payne Jewelry

Janet Payne collects, sorts, cleans and drills each piece sea glass herself. When she picks up a piece of sea glass on the beach and turn it over in her hand, she imagine what it will become – a necklace or a pair of earrings. Freshwater pearls and sterling silver findings add a touch of simple elegance to each finished piece of jewelry. Each piece of sea glass is unique and hand picked from the beach on her daily walks.  You will receive the exact piece of jewelry in the photograph. Slight imperfections in the glass are to be expected and are proof that it is pure sea glass. Stone, shell and coral props are not included.

There is something about the strength of the sea that can be felt in each piece of sea glass.  Janet feels it is an honor to create jewelry from these talismans of the sea, to remind the wearer of not only the natural strength and beauty of the sea, but of their own inner strength and beauty as well. Janet’s sea glass jewelry is made from sea glass found on the beaches of Cape May unless otherwise noted in the description of the piece.

Kate Samson Design

Kate Samson Design is a California based designer who transforms precious metals, sea glass and other gems into rustic refined sea jewelry. The work is inspired by a passion for combing the coast line for that one of a kind find. Handcrafted, each singular sea jewel is wrapped in gold or silver creating unique timeless treasures.

Katie Carrin

Katie Carrin offers beautiful and elegant unique artisan crafted sea glass, gemstone and pearl jewelry. Each of her rare genuine sea glass and beach glass necklaces and earrings are hand-crafted. She pours through sea glass from the North Sea of England finding the perfect pieces and matches beautiful gemstones and freshwater pearls in the perfect hue and shape to compliment these amazing beach glass pieces. She designs sea glass jewelry to fit every occasion including beach wedding jewelry for brides and bridesmaids as well as gifts for moms, birthdays, anniversaries or just a special gift for yourself someone you love.

Lisa Hall Jewelry

Lisa Hall began her career as a jeweler and designer in Florence, Italy. Trained in classical jewelry techniques, she turned to sea glass as an opportunity to work with a “new” material and integrate her impressive collection of sea glass, found over the years on the beaches of coastal Maine islands. Her jewelry became a hit almost overnight after she was “discovered” by Martha Stewart, who featured Lisa’s work both in her magazine and on her television show, and as they say, the rest is history. Lisa is happy to join the group of individuals who make the NASGA possible.

Liz’s Sea Glass Art

Liz has been collecting sea glass since she was seven years old. Her grandparents owned a house on Lake Erie and she scoured the beaches for glass. In 2015 Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer and in 2016 it metastasized to her brain at which time her oncologist told her she had to find something to do with her hands. Hence Liz’s Sea Glass Art was founded and she began designing one of a kind pieces from old pictures frames and windows with beach glass, shells, stained glass and other mediums. She has been a featured artist on Fox 8 New Day Cleveland. She is her happiest when looking for beach glass. She is now a Beast Cancer Warrior.

Mainely Sea Glass

Mainely Sea Glass offers a wide array of beautiful sea glass jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted with fine and sterling silver, we use only the finest, as found, sea glass from the coast of Maine and from around the world.. We have one of a kind necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Custom orders are always welcome!

New Beginnings Sea Glass

Betsy O’Reilly started New Beginnings Sea Glass after many years of helping her son who was born with a life-threatening craniofacial condition. She found solace at the beach hunting for sea glass. Searching for sea glass relaxed her, centered her, restored her perspective, gave her hope, allowing her to be all she could be for her family. As part of her continued “therapy”, Betsy began creating designs within picture frames and windows utilizing the sea glass, shells, and driftwood she found along the Connecticut beaches – the end result being unique beach cottage style decor.

Marooned Crab Creations

Marooned Crab Creations, LLC specializes in small-scale jewelry made with sea glass, shells, and pearls. My inspiration comes form the shapes, colors and textures found in nature. I utilize a variety of jewelry-making techniques to combine natural objects with gemstones and precious metals. My goal is to enhance the natural item while maintaining simplicity of design.

Ophiuroidea “The O”

VIRTUAL FESTIVAL: 15% Off online purchases. Use code NASGA at check-out.

Facebook Live Sale on Saturday, August 21st at 10 am – Featuring Sea Glass & Larimar jewelry

Ophiuroidea “The O” in St. Michaels, Maryland, has always been in love with the beach. It started as a child, a beachcomber at a very young age, Kim loved the coastal life.  Ophiuroidea showcases unique and handcrafted coastal items, mermaid art, genuine sea glass jewelry, coastal furniture & home decor, handcrafted pottery, and more. Kim’s love of beachcombing for sea glass, shells and driftwood along the ocean and Chesapeake Bay’s shorelines, led to creating and hosting the Eastern Shore Sea Glass and Coastal Arts Festival held yearly in St. Michaels, Maryland.   Kim is the current President of NASGA.

Rainbow by the Sea Jewelry Designs

As a child Gabriella loved watching migrating Gypsies coming over in her town and fixing broken jewelry or creating new ones. She spent hours watching them and was fascinated. Moving from Transilvania to Eastern Shore in US was quite a change. Everything beach related became an addiction. She started making jewelry without any formal classes or training. First was just wirewrapped jewelry then she learned silversmithing techniques. She loves making jewelry with sterling, fine and argentinium silver and she uses shells, semiprecious gemstones and only genuine sea glass to create her designs. Something for every taste and budget.

SeaGals Gallery of Delaware

Who can resist the cool things you find on the beach? Sue Lemmons and Cheryl Eashum sure can’t! Growing up, the sisters spent summers camped along the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay. They loved it all – fishing, clamming, crabbing, canoeing – and of course- beachcombing. For them, it was just the beginning. Six years ago, we started wrapping sea glass to add to their seashell craft line and created SeaGals Gallery of Delaware. They dug out our old glass, taught themselves to wrap and they have been making jewelry ever since. It has become their passion. They offer unique jewelry for women, men and kids, decorative sea glass art, adorable sea glass angels and pirate and special event jewelry. For them, sea glass is a way of life!

Sea Cairns

Sea Cairns evoke serenity. These handcrafted, Pacific Northwest inspired mementos envelop beautiful sea glass, shells, pottery and other ocean items collected with joy from travels around the world. Linda Schnell is an artist with arthritis and lifelong fascination with the intersection between art and science. Her background includes software engineering, high tech marketing, gemology, and wine appreciation. She is most at peace searching for unique treasures from the sea for new creations.10% of sales from Sea Cairns ( and Etsy ( are donated to the Arthritis Foundation.

Sea Glass Jewelry by Jane*

Jane Claire McHenry is a Massachusetts native who spent many childhood summer days at her grandparents’ summer home in Wareham, the gateway to Cape Cod, where Jane and her grandmother, Emily, would walk many miles along the beach picking up sea glass along the way and saving it in jars placed on windowsills where the light would reflect its kaleidoscopic hues.

In 2008 Jane left her publishing career of 25 years to follow her artist’s dream. Happily, the result of this lifestyle change is the successful enterprise, Sea Glass Jewelry by Jane. This began a journey to turn what was once a passionate hobby into a thriving artisan business that she shares with her husband. Jane’s artistic process begins with the quest to find the core elements of the sea glass jewelry designs, the sea glass gems themselves. To find the best specimens she and her husband continue to travel to Puerto Rico, Bermuda, California, Hawaii and other destinations, spending countless hours on rocky shores looking for the most perfect pieces.

Each of Jane’s sea glass jewelry designs is inspired by the shape, size and color of the glass. Jane has a special affinity for beautiful, rare sea glass, using these gems in her designs and adding little or no embellishment. Her artistic leaning is to “let the sea glass be the star.”

*Sells loose genuine sea glass.

Sea Ginny’s Beach Glass, Genuine Jersey Shore Sea Glass

Sea Ginny’s Beach Jewelry journey began on the beaches of the Jersey Shore in 2003. The sea glass used in our unique jewelry is carefully chosen from beaches around the globe. Sea Ginny’s jewelry designs are drilled with precision and are hand created with fine silver made with PMC (precious metal clay) that adds a unique one-of-a-kind touch to each jewelry design. Sea Ginny specializes in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and we also offer unique holiday pins and ankle bracelets.

Sea Glass by Sharon

Sharon DeAngelo’s award-winning line of coastal bracelets, necklaces, and more. Authentic, hand-crafted sea glass jewelry, from the shores of New England to your doorstep. Home of the original Leather Wrap Bracelet. Stop by Sharon’s online store Sea Glass by Sharon, to browse her jewelry collection, or follow her on Instagram to see the latest seaside finds and designs.

Sea Glass Designs

20% off all items using code NASGA

Drilling Sea Glass Demonstration Saturday, August 21st 2pm Instagram @sea-glass-designs

Bruce and Gail Barton, owners of Sea Glass Designs, have been in business for 15 years. Their jewelry features rare pieces of authentic sea glass and pottery that they find in the Abaco Islands. The jewelry is all handcrafted using sterling silver, fine silver and gold. Bruce’s engineering background carried over to designing invocative jewelry capitalizing on the use of light and sea glass. He creates bezels that reflect light back into the sea glass enhancing the beauty of the sea glass.

Sea Glass Compositions

Sea Glass Compositions, incorporates the most prized pieces of sea glass, including the “Pirate Collection”, which incorporates black glass that Ginny Warner finds in Abaco, Bahamas, a harmony is found between the Sea Glass and the bead work.  A truly unique piece of jewelry has been created that will be as timeless as the sea glass itself.  Ginny’s jewelry can be seen on her site, art shows and galleries in the Bahamas, as well as North Carolina, where Ginny creates in her studio part of the year.

Sea Glass Heart Art

Sea Glass Heart Art began in 2009 in Madison, Ohio on Lake Erie.  Stephanie Swain, has been collecting sea glass for years and then in 2009 she started creating her sea glass art.  Stephanie create mosaics, cards, ornaments and small pictures to sell at festivals, online and boutique stores. The mosaics are her passion; from the design to attaching each piece of sea glass, one piece at a time, until the art work is completed.

The frames for all of Stephanie’s  mosaics are also handmade by my husband, Barry. Presently you can find her artwork at art festivals and online on Etsy.

Sea Glass Journal

The Sea Glass Journal, an online magazine for sea glass collectors, artisans and those who are just plain curious about sea glass. Learn more about the history of sea glass, some of the world’s great glassing spots, craft and jewelry ideas, and interviews with other sea glass lovers.

The perfect storm of sun, surf, sand, and the heady scent of saltwater creates my own personal bliss — especially when you throw a sparkling shard of sea glass into the mix.  These distinct elements have a common thread — a love of nature, of the coast, of fueling my creative drive, and the thrill of discovery. There’s nothing better.  My name is Gary de Blois and I am a graphic designer, amateur photographer, budding jewelry maker, and a lifelong beachcomber. My sea glass collecting hobby weaves together all these passions.

Sea Glass Searcher’s Club

Sea Glass Searchers Club is a beachcombing boutique from author/photographer Cindy Bilbao. She carries unique beach inspired gifts like her Tide Washed t-shirts and Sea Glass Card Game.

Sea Goddess Treasures

My husband Peter and I share a passion for crafting sea-themed jewelry. Our company, Sea Goddess Treasures, was inspired by our daughter’s love of mermaids and we continue to be inspired by the natural beauty found in the oceans. A lifetime artist and a graphic designer by trade, I am skilled at creating color combinations and love combining sea glass with gemstones, pearls and shells. My signature pieces are wire crochet necklaces. We offer a wide variety of styles and prices. Most of my designs fall into one of two styles: ‘classic elegance’ and ‘on trend’. Currently my ‘on trend’ best sellers are my celestial and my layering necklaces. Please enjoy free shipping within the US with every purchase. We are long-time members of the North American Sea Glass Association (NASGA).

SeaWitch Jewlz

SeaWitch Jewlz offers offers a unique & whimsical edge to her sea glass jewelry. Cheryl Besegai,  has worked 20 years in the jewelry industry and is both GIA & Diamond certified. Pair that with 30 years of beachcombing on the southern shores of Massachusetts and it’s a perfect match. Cheryl is an out of the ordinary designer who loves all things dark and found in nature, kick in some steampunk style and she’s sure to delight your inner child. SeaWitch Jewlz uses only Mother Nature to tumble her genuine sea glass and upcycled materials.   Each piece is handcrafted one piece at a time.

Silver Coqui Sea Glass

César’s love for this craft stems back to when he was a child growing up in Puerto Rico. Of the many fond memories he had of the island, one he cherished the most was getting up in the early morning and combing the beach with his mother to find sea glass and pieces of pottery. When he was a bit older, he started making jewelry and other art as a hobby; at the time it was just something to enjoy himself with and started Silver Coqui Sea Glass. Now, many years later, he’s delighted to be able to combine two of his favorite childhood pastimes into a small business. Each piece of sea glass that he uses has been hand-picked by either him or his family on their beautiful beach in Puerto Rico, which gets affectionately crafted into a fine piece of art. He hopes you enjoy these simple gifts of the island as much as he has.

SilverWhimsies Jewelry

Wendy Garver is the owner of Silverwhimsies Jewelry. She is very passionate about creating unique and special pieces for people who want something a little bit different. If we had to describe her jewelry we would say it’s very organic. Leaving the sea glass in its original sea tumbled state is essential to how she designs her jewelry. Unlike gems and cabochons, sea glass has little nooks and crannies that the bezel folds in to creating uneven, gnarly shapes. Another important element in her jewelry designs is the use of scrap silver. She melts down whatever scrap silver she has then she hammers, flattens and shapes the silver so it echo’s the lines of the sea glass. She never knows what she’s going to end up with until the piece is finished. Each piece of Silverwhimsies Jewelry is one of a kind.

SunSport Canvas

Dennis and Chris Ann Buday of SunSport Canvas are lifelong boaters who live along the Allegheny River, north of Pittsburgh, PA. Their love of all things water prompted them to begin designing personalized/ embroidered mesh beachcombing bags in 2014, after seeing other beachcombers walking the beaches with plastic bags. They wanted to design a bag that was fun and personable. They set out to find the best materials to take the harsh elements of the Sun, Sea and the Sand, and now have 7 bag styles, 8 mesh colors and unlimited text and pattern options. Each bag is crafted from scratch.

They now have an online shop with ready to ship inventory, and are active on both Instagram and Facebook. Visit their website: or call/text them: 724.889.7908. They “sew” look forward to working with you.

Surfside Sea Glass Jewelry

Surfside Sea Glass creates unique designs in genuine sea glass jewelry including pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and more. All pieces of sea glass used are genuine, flawless, jewelry-grade and ocean-tumbled. I handpick my sea glass off of the sand myself – spending countless days throughout each year on beaches around the world from Puerto Rico to California, Bermuda, Panama, England, Ireland and beyond to bring these pieces to you. This is especially important with sea glass pieces as I am able to give you the origin of the sea glass. Therefore, the unique history of each piece can be surmised back to a specific time-period and original form. History is as important as beauty to sea glass. My love of history is a big part of why I love sea-glass collecting. Remember, all of my pendants, bracelets, rings and pairs of earrings have that added touch of quality and handcrafted love.

Washed Ashore Jewelry*

Beverly Vinch grew up in Lakewood, OH on the shores of Lake Erie, and has been picking beach glass and shipwreck pottery since the 1960’s. She started making jewelry and silversmithing over 25 years ago and realized she had a huge supply of something that was not only historic, but really cool and recycled. Washed Ashore Jewelry was formed in 2010 and has been doing art shows and festivals for the past 10 years in North Eastern Ohio.

*Sells loose genuine sea glass.

West Coast Sea Glass

West Coast Sea Glass use only genuine, ocean tumbled sea glass. We have traveled many of the world’s oceans taking great pride in beach combing for the sea glass ourselves. This way we are able to offer some of the finest and rarest sea glass and beach glass in our handmade, artisan jewelry. This journey, matched with decades of jewelry experience and a full serve silversmithing studio is where or alluring ocean gems and jewelry design beautifully intersect. West Coast Sea Glass uses its vintage collection in beach themed, original designs. We have been actively involved in the world-wide sea glass community for over a decade and work hard to maintain a strong role in educating the public about genuine sea glass and its history. We also pride ourselves on employing eco-friendly business methods like our use of recycled silver and our adherence to a nine step environmental commitment plan. We also seek to utilize the finest jewelry components in our designs.