Since 2006, ISGA has been committed to supporting the sea and beach glass community through festivals, education, membership, and more. The primary goal of this not-for-profit organization is to educate collectors and creators on the characteristics and significance of genuine sea and beach glass. Members pledge to use and purchase only genuine, pure, unaltered sea and beach glass and to help sea and beach glass collectors, enthusiasts, and artisans understand the value of real sea and beach glass.

Our mission

  • Educate the collector, consumer and retailer as to the properties and benefits of genuine, pure, natural, unaltered sea and beach glass.
  • Maintain the value of genuine sea and beach glass through education.
  • Provide a forum and knowledge base for sea and beach glass enthusiasts to communicate with other individuals who share their passion for genuine sea and beach glass.
  • Sponsor festivals that will benefit sea and beach glass collectors, retailers, and artisans.
  • Support the work of protecting and restoring waterways and coastlines around the world, by mobilizing members, making donations and educating the public.
  • ISGA members agree that they will not create or sell imitation sea or beach glass.

Charitable Support

Over the past 15+ years, ISGA has donated more than $10,000 to charities. At each festival, the board selects a cause to support with a financial donation. Some of the organizations we have supported include the National Museum of the Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Clean Water Action, Friends of Cape Henlopen State Park, Friends of Cape May National Wildlife Refuge, Friends of First Landing State Park, Lake Erie Foundation, National Museum of the Great Lakes, New Jersey Audubon, Ocean Conservancy, Old Coast Guard Station Museum, The Wetlands Institute, Virginia Beach Aquarium Foundation, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.