The North American Sea Glass Association (NASGA) offers memberships for a reasonable fee to enable sea glass artisans to connect with sea glass enthusiasts, to promote genuine sea glass, and to support the NASGA mission. NASGA members can apply* to be vendors at the North American Sea Glass Festival

Annual Membership Dues  $200.00



  • The opportunity to promote your membership in NASGA and use the NASGA logo in your marketing materials, on your website, and in your online and offline shop
  • Banner ad, bio, and web link on our NASGA Members page
  • Promotion on NASGA Instagram and Facebook pages
  • Opportunity to participate in the North American Sea Glass Festival*
  • Invitation to members-only events and meetings at the North American Sea Glass Festival
  • Use of NASGA marketing materials, including postcards, bookmarks, educational materials, and the Genuine versus Artificial information to use at festivals and in your shop. 

*NOTE: Applying to NASGA does not automatically submit your application to be a vendor at the North American Sea Glass Festival. All approved NASGA members must submit a festival application before acceptance into the festival.



NASGA members agree to never create or sell imitation sea glass in person or online, including at NASGA festivals, other shows and markets, nor in online shops and social media sites. 

NASGA members agree to leave sea glass in its natural state. Sea and beach glass and regular glass will not be altered in any way to artificially replicate or change the shape, patina, size, or color of genuine sea glass. Members will not use any techniques to alter the glass or its appearance, including:

  • Grinding
  • Acid etching
  • Sand blasting
  • Tumbling
  • Breaking or shaping the glass
  • Colorizing
  • Mounting on a surface that changes the color of the glass 
  • Or any other means

Members agree to present the sea or beach glass in its natural state and make it possible for a knowledgeable consumer to confirm that the glass is genuine. Members will not do the following to sea and beach glass:

  • Add resin, glue, or other coating on top of the glass
  • Add a patina to the metal surface behind the glass in a jewelry setting

Alteration of the sea or beach glass is allowed when it is clear to the consumer purchasing the piece that the appearance of the glass has been altered. Members can do the following to sea and beach glass:

  • Drill the glass
  • Paint images on the surface of the glass
  • Glue glass on top of a painting, if the original color of the glass is obvious