International Sea Glass Association Professional Members

The International Sea Glass Association (ISGA) offers Professional Memberships to enable sea and beach glass artisans to connect with sea and beach glass enthusiasts and collectors, to promote genuine sea and beach glass, and to support the mission to educate the community about genuine sea and beach glass. These small businesses and artisans create beautiful work inspired by the treasures they find on the beach.

Learn more about the art, beachcombing stories, and lives of our 2023 Professional Members by visiting their websites, shops, and social media pages through the links on this page.

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2023 ISGA Professional Members

❤️ Offers a discount to ISGA members

✳️ Sells genuine loose sea or beach glass

2nd Time Glass by Wendy Craig

Wendy Craig blames her sea glass hunting addiction (not curable, by the way) on her two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers who swim in the ocean all year round. Her 2nd Time Glass Sea Glass Jewelry Designs are classic, simple but elegant, and are suitable for blue jeans or a night at the opera. Wendy maintains an eBay store and an Etsy store online and is most known as the lady who can make your special order just the way you pictured it and at an affordable price. She is proud to be a member of the North American Sea Glass Association helping to preserve the integrity of genuine sea glass for future family heirlooms. Wendy lives in the heart of the woods near Hackettstown, NJ.

Acorn Beach Glass

In 2016, after unexpectedly losing three siblings within six months, a beach glasser was born. Devastated and trying to get through the trauma, Nanci would often find herself along the shores of Lake Erie. Growing up out on the water of the Great Lakes, there was not much thought about the treasures that lay right there on the shores. During one of those walks, she began to see these wonderful cloudy tumbled pieces of glass and picked a few of them up, which turned into a few full jars, which turned into her husband creating and bringing to life space of her own. A studio was born. And that is when creativity took hold. She began with simple bracelets, key chains, and pictures. From there it blossomed into wind chimes, wine glass charms, ornaments, artwork, serving trays, and well it is still growing with new and unique items added almost weekly. Nanci had a local art store take notice. She never really thought about selling what she had made but apprehensively she gave a few pieces to the art store, and then to a few pop-up shops, and then onto festivals and it has been wonderful. She has a successful little business and has found herself to be quite an entrepreneur of all things beach glass.

Art of Sea Glass

Aileen Cabral of Art of Sea Glass has been enamored with art in every form. She takes great joy in learning and embracing new artistic mediums.  From a very early age Aileen began painting with oils and ever since then she has embraced every chance to color her life with the art that brings such pleasure to others.   When Aileen first heard about precious metal clay she was intrigued and searched out all the information she could find until she had taught herself to create stunning jewelry out of it.  She then embedded her other great joy, of collecting sea glass, into the silver and produced her best selling item, sea glass jewelry.  Aileen began selling her sea glass jewelry at art shows, galleries, and boutiques, and then expanded into online sales, which has been a great success. For over 15 years, Aileen has created and sold over 8,000 pieces of her unique, one of a kind, sea glass jewelry. 

Beach Baubles


Beach Baubles™ treasures are made from genuine sea glass, also known as beach glass or Mermaid’s Tears, seashells, sea pottery/china shards, and beach stones. Marianna Bellantoni is always busy in her beach bungalow home studio, creating tidal treasures for beach lovers to enjoy! She creates accessories such as key-chains, and hairpins; jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets and anklets; home decor items such as ceiling fan/light pulls, wine glass charms, sun-catchers, wind chimes, and ornaments.

Beachcombing Magazine ❤️

Beachcombing magazine is devoted to beachcombing, sea and beach glass, seashells, beach rocks, beach fossils, historical finds, ocean conservation, beach vacations, coastal decor, beach jewelry, and more. Our readers are passionate about beach and sea glass, mudlarking, beach destinations, and unique art and products made from beach finds. Each issue of Beachcombing magazine brings you the stories you love about beachcombing and beach life. Beachcombing magazine also creates accessories, stickers, books, and more for beachcombers. Our community includes sea glass hunters, jewelers, artists, shell collectors, mudlarks, and rock hounds who share their stories and photos in the magazine. Through Beachcombing Club, Beachcombing magazine brings beachcombing experts and enthusiasts together in a video speaker series and live online events.

Bead Boutique – Tricia Hall ✳️

Tricia’s passion is working with metals, turning a simple piece of precious metal into a one of kind piece of jewelry using metal soldering techniques with a torch. Her work is made integrating found treasures from the Chesapeake Bay, primarily sea glass, capturing the piece in an organic free form way. With her love of semi-precious gemstones and fresh water pearls as well, she often incorporates them into her pieces, accenting the metal work and natural sea glass.

Cape Cod Gypsea

Kaya Alexandria Worthington specializes in creating jewelry using genuine and historical sea glass. “I love working with the natural shapes and textures created by what was once tossed out, and returned to the shore by the ocean after decades of gently tumbling across the ocean floor. I have been self-taught by trial and error, 10 years ago. Designing jewelry gave me the creative challenge I was looking for. Most of my creations are inspired by the beauty around me and then quickly transferred through my hands, typically with no rough draft before it’s created. I am happy to have finally found what I love doing every day!” Kaya goes on to say that she has a connection with every creation and they are sometimes hard to part with, positive energy goes into every piece. It brings her great joy inside and out when someone says that a piece of her hand made jewelry has spoken to them in such a way that they wear it all the time, to feel a connection to either the sea or whatever they were feeling at the time. Her jewelry can be found at 

Created with Seaglass

All of Kathe Wittig’s sea glass gems are picked up on beaches, bays or where tidal rivers flow into larger bodies of salt water along the East Coast. She has collected sea glass for over 25 years and build most vacations around beach areas where she can collect this special glass. Kathy enjoys creating sterling silver bezels using soldering techniques and accept custom orders. 

Crystal’s Treasure Box

Crystal walks the shores to collect not only treasures, but inspiration. Over the last fifteen years she has collected on the Great Lakes, Hawaii, California, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. What was once a hobby for her is now a dream job.

DMG Creations, Precious Metal Clay Beach & Sea Glass Jewelry ❤️

Dottie Gilbo grew up a few blocks from the shores of Lake Erie and loved picking up the pretty gems from the beach, never thinking that one day they would become beautiful pieces of jewelry from those gems. After taking silversmithing classes to make beveled rings and necklaces, she then discovered Precious Metal Clay, took classes and loved how much fun PMC is to work with and how creative you can be. She now incorporates English sea glass with the PMC to make beautiful silver jewelry.

Glass Beach Jewelry, Hand Crafted by Captain Cass

Capt. J.H. (Cass) Forrington spent 27 years at sea, visiting over 50 countries on every coast of every continent except Antarctica. He has visited the Amazon Indians, has sailed up the Congo River and has been 600 miles from the North Pole. He now spends his retirement combing the magnificent “Glass Beaches” of Fort Bragg, California, the highest concentration of sea glass in the world, for rare and precious sea gems from which to craft his jewelry and create displays for his Sea Glass Museum.

Gull Cottage Crafts

What started out as a young girl’s cherished sea glass collection has grown into a family run business which specializes in one-of-a-kind stained glass creations featuring sea glass and pottery shards hand collected along beaches in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Looking to the sea glass itself for inspiration, we combine the unique colors, textures and patterns with traditional stained glass to capture the intrinsic beauty of each piece. Our creations include sea glass lampshades, panels, angels, sailboats and mermaids.

HL Sea & Beach Glass Jewelry by Holly L’Homedieu ❤️

Surrounded by water, a native Long Islander in New York, Holly L’Homedieu has taken sea glass combing to the next level. You can find the finest quality collectors pieces and antique relics of the sea, genuine sea glass jewelry of all kinds, even custom orders. She can make your dreams into sea glass jewelry!

Kate Samson Design

Kate Samson Design is a California based designer who transforms precious metals, sea glass and other gems into rustic refined sea jewelry. The work is inspired by a passion for combing the coastline for that one of a kind find. Handcrafted, each singular sea jewel is wrapped in gold or silver creating unique timeless treasures. We use sustainable metal, and all jewels are found in natural surroundings. Our simplistic designs will evoke feelings of nature and balance.

Katie Carrin

Katie Carrin offers beautiful and elegant unique artisan crafted sea glass, gemstone and pearl jewelry. Each of her rare genuine sea glass and beach glass necklaces and earrings are hand-crafted. She pours through sea glass from the North Sea of England finding the perfect pieces and matches beautiful gemstones and freshwater pearls in the perfect hue and shape to compliment these amazing beach glass pieces. She designs sea glass jewelry to fit every occasion including beach wedding jewelry for brides and bridesmaids as well as gifts for moms, birthdays, anniversaries or just a special gift for yourself someone you love.

Marooned Crab Creations

Marooned Crab Creations Bonnie makes small-scale jewelry from seashells, sea glass, pottery shards, pebbles, and other unique coastal finds that she has collected from beaches, lakes, and rivers around the world. Bonnie uses a variety of techniques to create one-of-a-kind bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces: silversmithing, lost-wax casting, precious metal clay, wirework, crochet and macramé. Bonnie frequently custom bezel set her finds in precious metals and combine them with pearls, gemstones, and handmade sterling silver chain. Her focus is on letting the colors and textures of each natural item be the focus of the piece.

Ocean Sea Glass Creations ✳️

Eva and John Panko have been collecting sea glass for many years and their collection became so large that they decide to share their love of sea glass with others. They sell loose sea glass and also make amazing unique creations with their sea glass collection.

Ophiuroidea “The O” ❤️

Ophiuroidea “The O” in St. Michaels, Maryland, has always been in love with the beach. It started as a child, a beachcomber at a very young age, Kim loved the coastal life.  Ophiuroidea showcases unique and handcrafted coastal items, mermaid art, genuine sea glass jewelry, coastal furniture & home decor, handcrafted pottery, and more. Kim’s love of beachcombing for sea glass, shells and driftwood along the ocean and Chesapeake Bay’s shorelines, led to creating and hosting the Eastern Shore Sea Glass and Coastal Arts Festival held yearly in St. Michaels, Maryland. Kim is a past President of ISGA.

Sea Cairns

Sea Cairns evoke serenity. These handcrafted, Pacific Northwest inspired mementos envelop natural sea glass, shells, and pottery collected with joy from travels around the world. Linda Schnell is an artist with arthritis and a lifelong fascination with the intersection between art and science. Her background includes software engineering, high tech marketing, gemology, and wine appreciation. A portion of Sea Cairn sales ( and help support efforts by the Arthritis Foundation, Center for Whale Research, and Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery.

Who can resist the cool things you find on the beach? Sue Lemmons and Cheryl Eashum sure can’t! Growing up, the sisters spent summers camped along the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay. They loved it all – fishing, clamming, crabbing, canoeing – and of course- beachcombing. For them, it was just the beginning. Six years ago, we started wrapping sea glass to add to their seashell craft line and created SeaGals Gallery of Delaware. They dug out our old glass, taught themselves to wrap and they have been making jewelry ever since. It has become their passion. They offer unique jewelry for women, men and kids, decorative sea glass art, adorable sea glass angels and pirate and special event jewelry. For them, sea glass is a way of life!

The Sea Glass Grotto ❤️

Suzanne Hunter grew up spending her summers at her Grandparents’ house in North Wildwood, NJ collecting Sea Glass and other treasures with her Grandmother. She would use these treasures to create jewelry and other art with wire and string.

Loving all things beachy and ocean related, it was a natural progression to permanently relocate to Cape May County, NJ when she was 19 years old. Her love of jewelry making and wire wrapping intrigued her to push her skills further and teach herself the art of silversmithing.  Knowing many found treasures hold a special memory or meaning to her clients, Suzanne strives to create unique and enduring pieces that include sea glass, and other natural precious and semiprecious gemstones set in sterling and fine silver.  One of her favorite parts about creating jewelry with a fellow sea glass hunter’s own find is hearing the stories or memories attached to the piece, and using that as inspiration to create a truly unique piece for the wearer.

Realizing that no two pieces of sea glass are alike enables her to create one-of-a-kind pieces that can be handed down for generations.  She also enjoys the “community spirit” of being a member of ISGA and the Sea Glass community. This has enabled her to meet and befriend many collectors from all around the globe and allowed her to curate a workable collection of exceptionally rare or beautiful pieces from verified collectors.

Sea Glass Jewelry by Nora ❤️

Nora’s love for sea glass began several years ago when her sister-in-law shared her love of sea glass. Nora was intrigued and researched about sea glass. By the time she was done with all her research she was captivated with sea glass and could not wait to start combing the beaches and begin her own sea glass collection.

Over the years her sea glass collection got out of control so she decided to turn her sea glass collection into beautiful pieces of art jewelry that anyone could wear and enjoy for many more years to come. She has also expanded her work to include art and mosaics.

Nora handcrafts each piece of jewelry using only authentic sea glass. No two pieces are exactly alike and each is a piece of history and mystery.

Sea Glass Journal/Just Beachy Keen

Gary De Bois started Just Beachy Keen when he feel in love with sea glass. Gary uses only 100% genuine sea glass found on coastlines around the world, shaped only by nature and time, each piece of sea glass jewelry is unique.

The Sea Glass Journal, an online magazine for sea glass collectors, artisans and those who are just plain curious about sea glass. Learn more about the history of sea glass, some of the world’s great glassing spots, craft and jewelry ideas, and interviews with other sea glass lovers.

The perfect storm of sun, surf, sand, and the heady scent of saltwater creates my own personal bliss — especially when you throw a sparkling shard of sea glass into the mix. These distinct elements have a common thread — a love of nature, of the coast, of fueling my creative drive, and the thrill of discovery. There’s nothing better. My name is Gary de Blois and I am a graphic designer, amateur photographer, budding jewelry maker, and a lifelong beachcomber. My sea glass collecting hobby weaves together all these passions. I sell my sea glass jewelry on Etsy and talk about sea glass collecting on my blog at and my Facebook page.

Silver Coqui Sea Glass ❤️

César’s love for this craft stems back to when he was a child growing up in Puerto Rico. Of the many fond memories he had of the island, one he cherished the most was getting up in the early morning and combing the beach with his mother to find sea glass and pieces of pottery. When he was a bit older, he started making jewelry and other art as a hobby; at the time it was just something to enjoy himself with and started Silver Coqui Sea Glass. Now, many years later, he’s delighted to be able to combine two of his favorite childhood pastimes into a small business. Each piece of sea glass that he uses has been hand-picked by either him or his family on their beautiful beach in Puerto Rico, which gets affectionately crafted into a fine piece of art. He hopes you enjoy these simple gifts of the island as much as he has.

ST BeachFinds

ST Beach Finds is a locally owned and operated business in Calvert County, Maryland. The “S” and “T” in the name stand for Steve and Tammy, the creators of each and every piece. Steve and Tammy love everything about the beach and the Chesapeake Bay. They use 100% authentic materials including driftwood, beach/sea glass, shells and fossils in their creations. Steve and Tammy’s artistic flare shines through in each one of their designs. They believe the beach and water soothes the soul and everyone needs a piece of that happiness around always. Building on that belief Steve and Tammy have kept their prices reasonable so everyone can find something they can treasure for years to come.

Surfside Sea Glass Jewelry ❤️

Surfside Sea Glass creates unique designs in genuine sea glass jewelry including pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and more. All pieces of sea glass used are genuine, flawless, jewelry-grade and ocean-tumbled. I handpick my sea glass off of the sand myself – spending countless days throughout each year on beaches around the world from Puerto Rico to California, Bermuda, Panama, England, Ireland and beyond to bring these pieces to you. This is especially important with sea glass pieces as I am able to give you the origin of the sea glass. Therefore, the unique history of each piece can be surmised back to a specific time-period and original form. History is as important as beauty to sea glass. My love of history is a big part of why I love sea-glass collecting. Remember, all of my pendants, bracelets, rings and pairs of earrings have that added touch of quality and handcrafted love.

Washed Ashore Jewelry ✳️

Beverly Vinch grew up in Lakewood, OH on the shores of Lake Erie, and has been picking beach glass and shipwreck pottery since the 1960’s. She started making jewelry and silversmithing over 25 years ago and realized she had a huge supply of something that was not only historic, but really cool and recycled. Washed Ashore Jewelry was formed in 2010 and has been doing art shows and festivals for the past 10 years in North Eastern Ohio.

West Coast Sea Glass

West Coast Sea Glass use only genuine, ocean tumbled sea glass. We have traveled many of the world’s oceans taking great pride in beach combing for the sea glass ourselves. This way we are able to offer some of the finest and rarest sea glass and beach glass in our handmade, artisan jewelry. This journey, matched with decades of jewelry experience and a full serve silversmithing studio is where or alluring ocean gems and jewelry design beautifully intersect. West Coast Sea Glass uses its vintage collection in beach themed, original designs. We have been actively involved in the world-wide sea glass community for over a decade and work hard to maintain a strong role in educating the public about genuine sea glass and its history. We also pride ourselves on employing eco-friendly business methods like our use of recycled silver and our adherence to a nine step environmental commitment plan. We also seek to utilize the finest jewelry components in our designs.