Mary Beth, founding NASGA board member, needs support

Last week during the monthly NASGA Executive Board meeting, we discussed the news about NASGA founding board member and past President, Mary Beth Beuke, and her recent cancer recurrence. It was brought up in hopes that the NASGA community could help in some way.

Mary Beth was instrumental in the formation of NASGA and worked hard to expand the organization and festivals to what they are today!   Mary Beth and a few others, including Richard LaMotte, NASGA’s current President, began contributing to the content and creation of the NASGA website, with a commitment to the collecting public, to sea glass education, and to helping differentiate artificial from genuine sea glass. A NASGA mission statement was written, a code of ethics established, and the beginnings of getting the first annual national sea glass festival off the ground began.  The NASGA organization became structured, and it was Mary Beth, whom became the first NASGA President.  The organization continued to expanded rapidly to help raise awareness about the value of sea glass.

The current NASGA Board heard of Mary Beth’s recurrence, and wanted to help in some way, and it was unanimously determined that an email would be sent to all NASGA NING members, information posted on the NASGA Facebook page, and also a blog would be written about Mary Beth, in hopes that support would follow.

Many of you may or may not know Mary Beth personally, but all of us can share in her cancer fight! We are certain that everyone who receives this email knows someone that has been effected by cancer, and can appreciate the need for extra support, love and encouragement.
If you would like to find out more information on Mary Beth and her cancer fight, please visit her GoFundMe page and also her updates through the CareBridge website.

A recent article in the Peninsula Daily News was published about Mary Beth’s fight, to find out more, please visit the website link, Peninsula Daily News article on Mary Beth.

Below is an excerpt on May 5, 2014 from Mary Beth’s GoFundMe website:

“Last week the doctors found a recurrence of Mary Beth’s colon cancer; another tumor. They’ve told her that the cancer is aggressive and the tumor’s locale involves other key organs (bladder, pelvis etc.) Her case has been moved to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.
The next five months will involve 6-8 weeks of daily radiation and chemotherapy in Seattle (w/weekends off). The doctors are hoping to shrink the tumor. Then she’ll have surgery in Seattle and about an 8 week recovery after that. Please check her CaringBridge site for updates.

If you have just accidentally bumped into this site, here’s a little info to help you know who Mary Beth is.

Mary Beth Beuke is a dedicated single mother to her three children; Elise and twins, Blaise and Emma. Even during the midst of last year’s chemo, she attended as many of her children’s athletic, musical and scholastic events as possible. She’s an accomplished photographer, sea glass expert, artisan and owner of West Coast Sea Glass . In fact, she just recently published a beautiful book full of information and breathtaking photograghs of sea glass. I have no idea how she finds the time to do all this because Mary Beth, a devoted Christian and retired Youth Minister also currently volunteers as the Director of Women’s Ministries at Sequim Community Church. That, my friends, is a whole lotta hats to wear.

Mary Beth is a woman with many talents and many friends. Let’s help her by removing the looming burden of medical bills from her mind so she can focus on her family and future health.”

Let’s show Mary Beth some NASGA support, and “Love Us Some Mary Beth”…
Thank you!

NASGA Board of Directors

written by Kim Hannon, NASGA Board

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