2014 NASGA Sea Glass Festival follow-up

To the Patrons of the 2014 Sea Glass Festival in Cape May, New Jersey

We appreciate your commitment and enthusiasm to visit the Sea Glass Festival this past weekend and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced gaining entry into the facility. Beachcombers enjoy being the first on the beach and attendance during the first two hours of the event was more than double what anyone expected.  The Cape May Convention Hall was simply unprepared to handle the unprecedented morning surge.  We are grateful for the patience of all attendees as Mayor Ed Mahaney worked directly with law enforcement to create a safer environment.

The attendance for the weekend was an overwhelming 5,000 as compared to 2,500 last year. The North American Sea Glass Association has learned from this experience and will review options for a larger venue in 2015, only returning to Cape May if significant changes can be made to accommodate such a large following.


The NASGA Board of Directors and Festival Committee

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