“Meet the NASGA Members”- Surfside Sea Glass, Denise Troy

The North American Sea Glass Association (NASGA) has been working towards integrating NASGA‘s online presence, including the NASGA website, NASGA’s Facebook pages, the NASGA‘s NING social networking site, the Shorelines Newsletter, as well as our blog, to strengthen NASGA’s mission and increase NASGA’s presence within the sea glass community.

Each member of NASGA will have the opportunity to share their involvement with NASGA and the NASGA Mission, and “introduce” themselves as members of the North American Sea Glass Association. We’re calling this the “Meet the NASGA Members” blog series. We’re excited to share our next member with you.

Denise Troy, Surfside Sea Glass from East Hampton, New York.

Hello, Denise,

Denise beachcombing for treasures
Denise beachcombing for treasures

How long have you been a member of NASGA?

I am relatively new to NASGA. I have been a member for 8 months now. But, I have admired the organization and attended almost every show since its inception.

Can you share your “personal sea glass story” (how and when you became interested in sea glass)?

I started making jewelry about 7 years ago. It began as a hobby as most do. After people expressed an interest in purchasing pieces, I opened an online shop and my business grew from there!

Please tell us about your particular craft and when you formed your business or began practicing your skill.  Are you also an avid sea glass collector (or do you solely enjoy working on your craft or skill), and are you partial to a certain type or color of sea glass?

Denise finds her first multi colored sea glass piece in
Denise finds her first multi colored sea glass piece in

I am an avid collector still to this day – to the extent that most of my vacations involved locations where I can collect sea glass. Recently, I was visiting a friend in the Arizona desert after participating in a sea glass festival in California and found myself searching the sand for sea glass! Yikes, After that, I decided a trip to the mountains might be the best idea for my next trip to clear my head – just for a little while anyway 🙂


If you are a collector, can you tell us about your collection and whether it may be difficult to part with some of your creations or incorporate your favorite pieces into projects? 

Denise found this yellow sea glass marble in Puerto Rico...quite a find!
Denise found this yellow sea glass marble in Puerto Rico…quite a find!

I have private collections from England, California and Puerto Rico. Some pieces, I just cannot part with. Some pieces, I make into jewelry and feel sad when they sell. I have to tell myself that they are “going to a good home”. And, I am sure they are. My customers are amazing people.





How has your craft evolved over time ?

Creating is always a work in progress no matter which craft it is applied to. I keep a sketch pad of ideas that come to me that I have yet to get to. I do not think I will ever complete that pad, but I think that is a good thing.

Have you previously been (or are you currently) active in the association (have you had the opportunity to organize a festival, serve on the board, deliver a presentation, participate in educational-related events)?

I have not had the honor to be involved on the organizational level yet.

How has your membership in NASGA benefited you professionally and/or personally?

The greatest benefit of being a NASGA member thus far is the credibility it gives my work. We all know what issues man-made sea glass has created in recent years. I love the fact that I work with other artisans who have the same values as I do in regard to the integrity of the sea glass.

Puerto Rico sea glass hunting
Puerto Rico sea glass hunting

Is there a particular festival that stands out as your favorite, and can you a share a memorable experience associated with a previous NASGA festival?

Cape Cod was my favorite NASGA festival to date. I took a dear friend who knew nothing about sea glass despite the fact that she lived in Puerto Rico. She became a fan that weekend. And, we had a blast together!

English sea glass collection
English sea glass collection


What are some of your other interests or hobbies? If you could learn another skill, does not need to be art related, what would it be?

I was a ballet/modern dancer in my “previous life” so I like to take a class here and there and attend performances. In the future, I am hoping to get in a few cooking classes with my son.


Where can readers find out more about your craft or skill? Also, are readers welcome to contact you, and if so, what is the preferred method for them to reach you?

I am developing a blog about all things sea glass which can reached through my site – surfsideseaglass.com . I can be contacted through that site or at surfsideseaglass@yahoo.com .

What is your favorite beachcombing find?

Despite the fact that Bermuda is not known for its jewelry-grade sea glass, my favorite piece came from that lovely island. I was literally sifting through a 2 foot pile of sea glass one day many years ago, and came across the most amazing red! It was very old, thick and tumbled – about the size of a quarter. It was love at first sight. That is one piece I would never part with.

How have you helped strengthen and support the NASGA Mission? 

I would like to think that I strengthen the NASGA mission by helping to educate people about the differences between genuine sea glass and man-made. I hope to set an example by collecting in a responsible way as well.

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  1. I am so glad that you joined the NASGA Denise! I have long been a fan of your jewelry. You are such a sweet and creative soul!

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